#45 - The Dark Feminine, who is “She”? With Winter Jade Icely

archetypes dark feminine serpentine energy Apr 30, 2023



The Dark Feminine. She inhabits the lower centers of our chakra system. She is anchored, embodied, wild and womb centered. She holds a deep connection to the earth, freedom, liberation and sexuality. She is Ancient Shamanic Wisdom, and almost like a voice of the earth itself.


The Dark Feminine is not a woman, but a field of energy that expresses the ancient lineages of primordial wisdoms. She is born when the Feminine and Matter come together => the Yin expression of form. 


I invited Winter Jade Icely, international teacher, writer, and facilitator in the realms of the mystical arts, sexuality, and dark embodiment. We talked about her journey with and wisdom about the dark feminine, the difference between light and dark feminine, and ways to understand and embrace the dark feminine within us. 


If you’re curious about the dark feminine archetype and want to know more about her gifts & qualities, then be sure to listen to this conversation with Winter! 


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Find out more about Winter and her Magdalena retreats here:

👉🏾 www.magdalena.com.au 

👉🏾 www.winterjade.net 


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