Women of Ancient Futures are women who are Deeply Intuitive, Soul-Based Leaders who fully live their purpose and through that, set the vibration of the New World.

"Make the shift from moving through life to being moved by something deeper."

Hi I'm Nicole,

My mission is to see a world filled with Female, Intuitive, Soul-Based Leaders.

Is it possible to have a world with so many leaders, you might wonder. My answer? YES! Why? Because Soul-Based Leaders are moved and guided by the One force that is Life itself. This Life-Force has an intelligence of it's own. It holds a perfectionism in the way it moves us through the pulse of our Intuition, Inner Guidance, Synchronicities and Magic.


Put yourself on the alter of something Greater and say;

Sing through me,
Dance through me. 

This is the kiss you've been waiting for.

- Bruce Lyon

I explain more about how a world can be filled with Soul-Based Leaders below in the video. 👇🏽


When I speak about "Soul-based Leadership"
I mean 👇🏽

Embodying your own Unique Essence so deeply that your vibration naturally inspires, teaches & assists others. 

A Sneak peek into the High Priestess Temple Day; "A prayer with 100 women" in Amsterdam 


International Women's Day with the theme; "Taking Down the Mask of the Good Girl"


Here at Women of Ancient Futures you can..

Crystallize your Intuitive Gifts

Find a deep trust in your intuition, inner guidance & psychic abilities. So you remember your inherent intuitive nature. 

Embody your Soul Leadership & Purpose

Embody your own Unique Essence so deeply that your vibration naturally inspires, teaches & assists others. 

Become a Clear Channel of The Mystery

Surrender to a Deeper Intelligence and shift from moving to being moved by something deeper. 

So that the wildness of your Soul & your Soul's work can be set free on this planet.

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Apr 14, 2021

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Apr 06, 2021

Staying Aligned in Times of Chaos

Feb 25, 2021

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Feb 17, 2021

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The wildness of your Soul is longing to be set free on this planet.

What others are saying..

Lisanne Rentier (NL)

Being here really gave me the space to feel myself again and to sink deeper down in my body. I feels so so inspired by Nicole, by how she embodies everything so deeply. I can see that she feels so precisely into everything she says and that she can tune so deeply into everything that is present. Really really inspiring.


Davide Estee (NL)

This has been life changing for me. I feel strengthen in being a woman. I feel the power and the softness I hold. Nicole really gave us the tools to go out in the world and stand on our own 2 feet and this is priceless. 

Antonia Grunwald (DE)

The thing Im appreciating the most about Nicole is how she is really aware of sisterhood and how she facilitates sisterhood. That is such a gift. She is really empowering us, to find our own way. I feel that whoever I am, whoever I choose to be, I can still have her as my teacher and she will still be right there with me. I really like that about her. For me she is a great gift. 

More about Me


The deepest journey's I ever took in my life was during my individual darkness retreats in Mazunte, Mexico. These 12 & 7 days and nights in complete darkness really brought me into an inner wisdom & knowledge that no one else could have brought me to. 


I am super creative and absolutely love painting & singing. This self portret is my first painting in which I used techniques. It took me 5 full weeks of patience and learning to build layer by layer and step by step. Such a beautiful teaching.


This is me with my partner Nemanja Sonero. We met on Instagram, 1 year after I created a very precise vision of the relationship I wanted to call into my life. So many crazy synchronicities brought us to where we are today. 


I lived with the Yawanawa tribe in the Brazilian Amazon for 1 month. Studying the medicine, the songs and the traditions in a place where nature is still in charge. The 2 qualities I felt the tribe embody very strongly are a the force of liberation and the force of forgiveness. 

Come and join the Instagram community with daily transmissions on Intuitive Gifts, Soul-Based Leadership & Purpose. 

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My Initiations & Certifications

I've had crystal clear intuition since early childhood. At age 7 my father took me and my sister to our first intuition course for children. At age 18 I stepped into my own journey of personal & Spiritual development. 
I now weave 18 years of experience into the offerings of Women of Ancient Futures. 
I received Initiations & Certifications from an amazing variety of great teachers from all over the world and studied deeply with:
  • Brandon Bays – certified Journey practitioner
  • Jose Gosschalk – 3 year  mediumship training
  • Pema Gitama – Yeartraining Wild Tantra
  • Highden mysterieschool - 6 week Soul Initiation Training Ray 7
  • Bentinho Massaro – Trinfinity Academy & Bentinhomassaro.tv
  • Christian Pankhurst – Heart IQ Circle facilitation, Netherlands
  • 12 & 7 day individual darkness retreats in Mazunte, Mexico
  • Zola Dubnikova – 2 month holistic dance language mysterieschool in Arambol, India
  • Authentic relating training International - Jason W. Digges, Netherlands & Germany
  • John of God – 6 week deep Spirit work & healing in Abadiania, Brazil
  • 30 day Traditional Yawanawa Seja dieta in Brazilian Amazon
  • 10 day and 100 hour Vipassana silence meditation – Dharamsala, India
  • Tera Mai Seichem & RaMu Healing Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Dynamic Art coaching – yeartraning Kleine Tiki
  • Bodywork & Massage -yeartraining