Live from your Soul. Deeply rooted, multidimensionally opened and unified in your raw heart of love. 


Women of Ancient Futures provides a safe space to dive deep into the landing, integration and crystallisation of your souls blueprint.

We believe that your full integration lies in both ascension, awakening and opening the upper chakra's, as well as descending, rooting in the lower chakra's.

From this place dark & light, spirit and matter and masculine & feminine can meet in a union and the fullness of our soul can express itself. The fullness of the world soul can be channeled through you in support of a new civilisation. 

You, my love, are highly & deeply intuitive. You are shamanically in communion with life and the wildness of your Soul is longing to be set free on this planet. 

The offerings of Women of Ancient Futures will support you in a deep remembrance of that.


Let's shine bright and wake up this world

My name is Nicole Costerus founder of Women of Ancient Futures, 
midwife of the soul and keeper of the psychic, mediumistic & shamanic arts.
I love assisting women in opening into a crystal clear intuition and accessing their primal power. I do so through an alchemy of empowerment, sacred temple arts, ritual, shamanism, mediumship & feminine mysteries.
I believe that when we have a strong foundation of trust, a crystal clear intuition and an open heart of love we can fully bring forward the fullness of what our soul came here for. 
The brightness of our light then naturally assists others to awaken in their souls purpose as well. This doesn’t have to mean that you work as a facilitator or coach. The brightness of your shine can express itself in any shape or form. Your shine is unique and only you can bring this forward in the way it's meant to be. 
Women of Ancient Futures offers a safe, all-permission space for you to welcome ALL OF YOU! To reconnect yourself to a deeper and deeper trust & clarity, so you can be the woman you are meant to be. 
If you feel a pull, a curiosity or an unexplainable YES, then follow your impulse and check out our offerings.

I f you feel unclear or triggered then feel free to reach out and explore with me. 
Much love, 


Women of Ancient Futures works with these 4 pillars as a roadmap to Remembrance

Opening into Crystal Clear Intuition 

You are a deep intuitive being and we offer a space for you to remember that. We help you to release yourself from your own scepticism and open into trusting what you see, feel, hear and know. We help you sort and understand your sensitivity and your psychic abilities. You will cultivate your language of energy, because energy speaks a language you can learn to understand and speak fluidly. 

Finding safety in your body

When we feel safe we can truly allow in the fullness of Life in. We believe that a deep unwinding of contractions, fears and doubts open the space of feeling safe in the body. When our being feels safe, we can sink deeper into our body and into the truth of who we are. This core safety will then naturally unhide the naturally qualities and radiance your being. We find a stability and a sense of belonging.

Accessing Primal Power 

When the root is feeling unsafe, when our lower chakra’s are contracted or hiding, afraid to live or to die, ashamed and insecure, all the other chakra's cannot fully blossom and lean on a solid foundation. Women of Ancient Futures allows a space for a solid foundation to root into your body and being. To open into a deep primal power that has you rise up and hold your ground. It's the beaming light that radiates fiercely.


Descend into your Dark & crystallise your Light

We feel that there is a global call for deepening our dark & expanding in our light. Re-aligning our masculine & the feminine.
When our being is open in both our light (upper chakra's) as well as our dark (lower chakra's) our being finds union, our heart expands and our soul can come to it's full expression and shine.
A shine that today's world needs so so much.

Land the fullness of your soul's purpose into your body. 

Be a walking transmission of the gift you are meant to share with the world.

Be a walking permission for others to shine with you. 


Patsy Clarke (UK)

I feel so much gratitude for the amount of freedom and relaxation that is with me now. A big remembrance that this is my natural state. I feel confidence, relief and a warm love for myself.

Katia Ikonnikova (RU)

For me it was tremendous connection that I’ve never ever in my life felt before towards myself and towards women. I feel a lot of calmness, I feel very grounded, I feel a lot of knowledge and wisdom coming through me. I feel very seen, very acknowledged and appreciated. I feel connected and so full in my heart, in my belly, in my womb… everywhere. I feel the acceptance of being who I am, in whatever state I am; happy, crying, angry, being wild or whatever moves through. Thank you thank you thank you.


Aniek Wesselink (NL)

Thank you for the safe space.I feel empowered to listen and trust the subtleties of my intuition. I feel so much safer in expressing my truth and so much stronger in my expression. I feel I can share my essence with the world. 


More about Nicole


The deepest journey I ever took in my life was during my individual darkness retreat in Mazunte, Mexico. These 12 days and nights in complete darkness really brought me into an inner wisdom & knowledge that no one else could have brought me to. 


I am super creative and absolutely love painting & singing. This self portret is my first painting in which I used techniques. It took me 5 full weeks of patience and learning to build layer by layer and step by step. Such a beautiful teaching.


This is me with my partner Nemanja Sonero. We met on Instagram, 1 year after I created a very precise vision of the relationship I want to call into my life. So many crazy synchronicities brought us to where we are today. 


I lived with the Yawanawa tribe in the Brazilian Amazon for 1 month. Studying the medicine, the songs and the traditions in a place where nature is still in charge. The 2 qualities I feel the tribe embodied very strong are a force of liberation and forgiveness. 

Lisanne Rentier (NL)

Being here really gave me the space to feel myself again and to sink deeper down in my body. I feels so so inspired by Nicole, by how she embodies everything so deeply. I can see that she feels so precisely into everything she says and that she can tune so deeply into everything that is present. Really really inspiring.


Davide Estee (NL)

This has been life changing for me. I feel strengthen in being a woman. I feel the power and the softness I hold. Nicole really gave us the tools to go out in the world and stand on our own 2 feet and this is priceless. 

Antonia Grunwald (DE)

The thing Im appreciating the most about Nicole is how she is really aware of sisterhood and how she facilitates sisterhood. That is such a gift. She is really empowering us, to find our own way. I feel that whoever I am, whoever I choose to be, I can still have her as my teacher and she will still be right there with me. I really like that about her. For me she is a great gift. 

About Nicole and her work

Nicole has had a crystal clear intuition since early childhood. At age 7 her father took her to her first intuition course for children. At age 18 she stepped into her own journey of personal & Spiritual development. 

Nicole weaves 16 years of experience into the offerings of Women of Ancient Futures.

She received from an amazing variety of great teachers from all over the world and studied deeply with:

  • Highden mysterieschool Ray 7
  • Brandon Bays – certified Journey practitioner
  • Jose Gosschalk – 3 year  mediumship training
  • Pema Gitama – Yeartraining Wild Tantra
  • Zola Dubnikova – 2 month holistic dance language mysterieschool in Arambol, India
  • Bentinho Massaro – Trinfinity Academy &
  • Christian Pankhurst – Heart IQ Circle facilitation
  • Winter Jade Icely - 7 day Magdalene Priestess Training
  • Authentic relating training International - Jason W. Digges
  • 12 day individual darkness retreat in Mazunte, Mexico
  • John of God – 6 week deep Spirit work & healing in Abadiania, Brazil
  • 30 day Traditional Yawanawa Seja dieta in Brazilian Amazon
  • 10 day and 100 hour Vipassana silence meditation – Dharamsala, India
  • Dynamic Art coaching – yeartraning 
  • Bodywork & Massage -yeartraining