The 4 archetypes that guide into Soul

archetypes masculine&feminine the dark the light Jun 12, 2022

Today we make a dive into the 4 archetypes;
Light Feminine, Light Masculine, Dark Masculine, Dark Feminine. 


You have all 4 of these quadrants within yourself; one more integrated than the other. The more you come to an integration of all 4, the more your Soul can come through stably and fully. With warm gratitude I honor the powerful transmissions I received around the 4 archetypes from Bruce Lyon, Sia Hu Heka and Taki'h Dhyandeepa Antigoni.

Integration does in most cases not mean 25% of each quadrant or each quadrant needs to be equally present. Integration means -> coming to the unique union of these 4 energetic uniquely present within you. It means seeing and acknowledging where you are expressing or living one or more of these from a place fo shadow and maturing them into the potential they hold within. 

Let's dive in.. 

When the Feminine & Spirit come together, she is born.
The Yin expression of Consciousness.
In 1 word she is Love;
She is the Divine Mother, the Maiden, the Angelic.
She is the Compassionate one.
  • Compassion

  • Unconditional Love

  • Surrender

  • Open

  • Devotion

  • Service

  • Forgiveness

  • Grace

  • Radiance

  • Heart-centered

  • Innocence


When the Masculine and Spirit come together, he is born.
The Yang expression of Form. 
In 1 word he is Wisdom;
He is the Guru, the Sage, the Yogi.
He is the Wise Man. 
  • Presence

  • Consciousness

  • Vision / Overview

  • Purpose

  • Clarity

  • Focus

  • Safety/Predictability

  • Structure/Planning

  • Power of the mind

  • Ability to explain/translate knowledge


When the Feminine and Matter come together, she is born.
The Yin expression of Form.
In 1 word she is Freedom;
She is the Wild Woman, The Whore, The Dark Mother, The Witch.
She is Earth. 
  • Free Expression

  • Unfiltered

  • Magnetism

  • Unpredictable 

  • Non linear

  • Mysterious

  • Power of the Body 

  • Creator and destroyer of Life

  • Emotional

  • Erotic

  • Womb centered


When the Masculine and Matter come together, he is born.
The Yang expression of Form. 
In 1 word he is Power;
He is the Warrior, The Protector, The Wild Man.
He stands for what he believes in and is willing to die for it.
  • Clean Power

  • Leader/ Initiates

  • Stands in Mission

  • Penetrative Power 

  • Builds & moves mountains

  • Protects

  • Companion of Death/Rebirth

  • To the point/ laser-sharp

  • Cuts through bullshit

  • Fierce/ Wild

  • Honour


In this 8 day retreat Women who walk between the worlds 25 June - 2 July, we dive into the power of the 4 archetypes; Dark Feminine, Light Masculine, Dark Masculine, Light Feminine. A deepening and integration that will support you to show up more fully from Soul in your Life & Mission.You can still dive in with us! Find out more & apply here.

Last week went through the 4 components: Spirit (Light), Matter (Dark), Feminine (The Flow) & Masculine (The Structure). Did you miss last weeks explanation about Dark & Light and Masculine & Feminine? You can find it here.



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