#34 - Is Your Life Set in Stone or Can You Manifest Anything You Desire?

blog manifestation purpose strongindependentwoman Jan 08, 2023



A few days ago, I came across a post by a friend on whether your life is set in stone or if you can manifest anything you desire. This post eventually inspired this whole podcast episode because what she shared really intrigued me and rang so much truth in it. 


In this conversation, I invited Priestess, mentor & tantric bodyworker, Francis Sophia who penned that thought-provoking post to discuss and explore the possibility of us creating our own reality or is our life already written out for us. We also talked about the concept of resonance and how we should have the courage to trust this resonance through the discomfort if we want to receive what is for our highest evolution. 


If this is a topic that also rings truth for you, then join us in our conversation and learn from Francis’s brilliant insights. 

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