You Are a Soul Leader

6 month Soul Leadership & Business Mastermind  => 

🔥 Build & expand a business that oozes exactly your vibration.

🔥 Embody the potential of your Leadership, Power & the Greatness of your mission.

🔥 Build & Expand a deeply aligned business from the inside out. 

🔥 Create offers that feel aligned to your Heart & Soul. 

🔥 Embrace business structures, strategies & tools that feel true to who you are and let your Soul Business become easeful & stable.

🔥 Always have the power of your Intuition, Synchronicities & Magic be #1 in your business & Leadership.

🔥 Cultivate an unwavering Trust & Confidence in yourself, your worth, your gifts and in Life.

🔥 Receive and create clarity & direction for your Soul Work, mission & vision.

🔥 Translate the mysterious vibration of the Soul of your Business into clear language that speaks to your audience & clients. 

🔥 Be Held in a Safe & All Permission space with lots of accountability.

🔥 Embody your own unique Essence so deeply that your vibration naturally inspires, teaches & assists others.

🔥 Let the Mystery be your Strategy.

🔥 Experience the support of community. 

🔥 Change the world through being empowered as a Conscious Woman in Leadership, Power, Money & Business.



This is for the deep woman
who feels it's time to fully embody the Greatness of her Power, Leadership, Finances and Soul Based Business.


And build a business that just oozes exactly your vibration


You feel it's time to;

 ✔ Build a Lifestyle & Business beyond your wildest dreams.
✔ Work from the deepest fulfilment, aliveness & Joy in your Business.
✔ Fully embody your unique Essence, so your vibration naturally teaches and inspires others. .
✔ Embrace a new way of wielding Power, Leadership, Money & Business.
✔ Set the vibration of a new way of Living, Leading and Being.

You feel it's time to finally say YES and show up
for the potential you feel in your Mission, Leadership & Business


This is for you if you:

🔥 Feel it’s time to expand your Soul Work more fully into the world.

🔥 Feel it’s time for your Greatness to come out and truly become Visible.

🔥 Feel ready to no longer be stopped by Fear, Doubt & Overwhelm.

🔥 Know it's time to trust yourself, your Worth and your Gifts. 

🔥 Want to deepen your Soul Work from the inside out.

🔥 Want to embody your own unique Essence so deeply that your vibration naturally inspire, teach and assist others

🔥 Expand you money mindset & your ability to receive. 

🔥 Want to let the Mystery be your strategy.

🔥 Want to shift from moving through life, to being moved through Life by something deeper.  

🔥 Want to find your 1 core message (especially as a multi passionate woman.) and align all your offers and content with it. 

🔥 Build a sacred relationship with your business and include the power of Ritual, Ceremony & Intiaition.

Yes this is me!

This is not for you if you:

❌ Believe cookie-cutter strategies will bring you a fulfilling business.

❌ Want to keep hiding yourself. 

❌ Are not willing to get uncomfortable, face your fears and get out of your comfort zone.

❌ Want to move through life from the need to make a living.

❌ Are only interested in money succes, power & doing business.

❌ Reject money, succes, power & business. 

❌ Refuse to surrender to a deeper intelligence that works through the power of your Intuition, Inner guidance, Synchronicities and Magic.

This Mastermind is a tribe of  extraordinary women that are ready to embody the full potential of their Leadership & Soul Business. 

Will you be one of them?



64!! women have gone through the mastermind in the last 2,5 years. 

Here's what some of them say about it.


"Every time when I felt: "OMG am I really going to do this?" Nicole guided me back to trust, joy & excitement. All my offers have been selling out so far."

Masha de Romph
Founder of Gaia-ji

"Masha works with the power of prayers. She is an amazing facilitator of ceremony and ritual." 

During the 6 months I created my Instagram presence from scratch, two online programs and 1:1 mentorship program with participants signing up. The Mastermind has been absolutely up-leveling on so many dimensions. I can’t imagine making so much progress with such ease at such a short time to my business, earnings and my confidence in delivering the gifts I have for the world. I love every bit of the space which Nicole creates including her precious feedbacks.  My favorite part of Nicole’s approach is the deep contact with the soul of one’s work. This makes the whole difference between effort or passion driven work. Thank you for all the care, encouragement and seeing my potential from the start!

ᴀʟᴇᴋꜱᴀɴᴅʀᴀ ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ
Founder of Erotic Mystic

"Aleksandra is an eros healer who supports men & women to become unashamed."

I feel so blessed that I met Nicole and that I received all these amazing teachings. I'm not only knowing them, but I really feel them landed in my body; the trust, the wisdom, all the tools...
I'm deeply grateful. "

Founder of Flow with Yvette

"Yvette is a hormone expert and guides women into a harmony with their menstrual cycle, power and the gift of being a woman. " 

Put yourself on the altar of something Greater and say;

Sing through me,
Dance through me. 

This is the kiss you've been waiting for.

- Bruce Lyon


Now channel that into aligned business structures and you have a deeply aligned Soul Based body of work. 

Hi I'm Nicole Nyima,

In 2013 I tried to birth a business called Happy Moms.
I went to a marketing training,
learned all the strategies,
Created a profile of my Ideal Client,
Printed my cards and I was READY!!

What came of this business?


Because I was; 

❌ Trying to birth the work through cookie cutter strategies, will-power and trying to make it happen. 

❌ Trying to birth my business from the outside in.

❌ Pushing the birth of my Soul Work.

In the years after I found myself ripening Women of Ancient Futures. This time I wanted to birth the work from the inside out. But I regularly found myself on the other side of the spectrum.

I was;

❌ Holding back & postponing the birth of my work because of doubt, fear or overhelm.

❌ Holding the already ripe to birth offering inside of me because of fear of rejection.

❌ Over-collaborating and scattering my energy across too many projects. 


This changed completely..



Today I find Myself;

🔥 At ease, fulfilled and in a deeply aligned Multiple 6 figure soul business that birthed itself from the inside out.

🔥 Surrounded by a team of 4 amazing souls that allow me to focus on the things I enjoy the most. 

🔥 Made almost 600.000 euro in revenue in the last 3 years. 

🔥 Embody the Greatness of my Soul Work because I stepped out of the way and let the power of Intuition work through me.

🔥 In deep connection with the initiations the soul of my business offers me.

🔥 Travelling the world whenever I want, living a location independent lifestyle, while based in Amsterdam.

🔥 Empowered as a woman in Money, Business, Power and Leadership.

🔥 In effortless joyful play with the Universe (most of the time 😉)Yes I still have fears or doubts, but I'm always deeply anchored in a deeper trust & knowing that Life is always working together with and for me. 

What was needed for this alignment?

🔥 A deep communion with the Soul of my business and offerings. 

🔥 Being available for the initiations my business wants to take me through. 

🔥 A letting go of non-serving convictions around Leadership, Business, Power & Money. 

🔥 A Full Permission, from Me to Me, for my greatness to come out.

🔥 Learning to become comfortable with discomfort. 

🔥 Deepening my ability to receive... A LOT!

🔥 A strong and powerful Decision to say YES to the transmission that my Essence holds for this world. 

🔥 Embracing lots of support from coaches, mentors and my team. Together you go far!!


I want this

"I wouldn't have thought that this Mastermind birthed a whole new me! A me that brings 2 important aspects of myself together: My past business consultant & my priestess self. I feel birthed and ready to grow more and am sad that this is over now but also happy to spread my own wings and fly."

Ariane Lalakea
Founder of For Goddesses in Action

"Something soo deep shifted for me in this mastermind. Before I came into this program my trust in the Universe & in Life was at an all time low. I walk away from these 6 months deeply sank into trust and a deep knowing that Life is always already supporting me. I catch myself on negative self talk quickly and am able to guide myself back to my center with an ease I didn't experience before. I feel deeply supported & seen by Nicole.
Thank you."

Jessica Saunders
Founder of "Woman Unravelled"

"I just filled in the reflection form for this mastermind and HOLY SHIT...I CANNOT BELIEVE ALL OF THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND TRANSFORMATIONS OF THE PAST 6 MONTHS! I think I will print it out and put it on my wall as a reminder of how awesome I am / this journey has been 😍"

Natalie Shriber
Founder of Energy Sound Spirit


Here I share why everyone can be a Soul-Based Leader.

Yes to this!

Our 6 months together

In our 6 months together we journey through these
6 Leadership & Business trainings. 

Month 1:


Month 2:



Month 3:



Month 4:



Month 5:



Month 6:

Meet some of  the women that said YES to the Mastermind. in previous rounds

"I said YES because it's time to step out of my cocoon and show myself to the world"

Amber Zimmerman
Founder of Embodied Tarot

"Amber does powerful archetypal magic with her cards."

"I said YES because I feel the power of shared mission in this group. I experience Nicole as a beautifully balanced being that I would love to grow and learn with."

Tess van der Putten
Founder of Eowa
Tess developed her own nourishing modality "Sensual Flow" and is soon releasing her first album. 

"I said YES because I want to create my business from my soul and in this way, impact the world and simultaneously feel carried by a group of female entrepreneurs."


Yvette Aendenroomer
Founder of Flow With Yvette

"Yvette is a coach and hormone expert supporting ambitious women."

"I said YES because I’ just knew! That's all I have to say 😄."

Masha de Romph
Founder of Gaja-Ji

"Masha has been working with me before and has been selling out each offer she created so far!"

"I said YES, because this is the time to stand up and join forces with confident and natural loving strength... for the children and the children to come."

Founder of Mahara Holistic Lifestyle Amsterdam

"Michelle is the creator a powerful community & temple space in Amsterdam. The place where my work really started to take off."

"I said YES because I feel this bursting volcano inside of me and it needs direction. I really believe that Nicole can help with that. "

Simone Wiewel
Founder of All is Within.

"Simone has been working with me already and made 15K in 4 months!"

"I said YES because I feel it's the right moment to face my fears and get rid of self limitations and surrender to a Greater Plan. I already worked with Nicole and fully trust her. "

Letizia di Battista
Founder of Casa Lucina

"Letizia sells the most Amazing dresses with her company and will expand her online shop into an online platform!"

"I said YES because I know I have gifts to share and these gifts are here for a reason."

Kathleen Bower
Founder of Life Force Energy scans & nutrition

"Kathleen works with the ETA scan and has an amazing way of supporting health with nutrition and remedies."

"I chose this mastermind because I just feel a 100% YES for this program and for me."

Annelies Roefs

Teacher in a Free School.

"Annelies does magic with the families she works with."

Your Soul Work is choosing you for a reason;

Only you can bring it into the world the way you can. 

Cultivate an unshakable Trust in yourself, your worth, your gifts and in Life. 


Give permission for your greatness to come out so you can choose your Soul Work, the way it's already choosing you,


And become available for the initiations it wants to offer you. 

I was really doubting wether to step into this program or not as i
t was a big investment for me. Then a friend said; what if you don't look at the price, but at the value of what you get out of it.
And wow, this has been soooo worth it!
I re-designed and birthed a whole new business that just oozes exactly my vibration. 
The biggest medicine from this program is the amount of unhiding I've been doing! Absolutely mind-blowing.
I only want to study with teachers that deeply embody their work and Nicole does. This has been such an inspiring container filled with miracles. 

Merel van Dijk
Founder of Zielsavonturier

"Merel already had a stable business at the start and completely redesigned it to exactly her vibration & essence. She also hit her highest months ever during the program."

"Thank you ❤️ I feel honored to share this space with you. I remember doubting myself so much when the program just started and now, just one month later, I feel READY, and so excited to share more of myself, to really step into my power. "
Pauline Micola von Fürstenrecht
Founder of The Laughing Shaman
"Pauline embodies a powerful transmission of Playfulness, Innocence and Joy in her mission & business."

One of my very harsh beliefs was:

I've worked really hard all my Life. I have 2 businesses and am a mother of 3 children. I had a hard time truly celebrating my successes. I come out of this program feeling proud of myself. I can also really feel in my body that I don't have to work hard and for this I am so grateful.

My biggest medicine of this program is the deep knowing that:
"The universe is naturally ambitious for me."
It brings me to tears every time I feel this. A deep sense of "It's ok to let go of control."

I also really experiences the gift of being in a space with like hearted women, that know the contractions & celebrations of giving birth to a business. 

Keren Cogan

Founder of ShamaWomb


What You'll receive

 ✔️ 6 months all-round business & leadership support.

✔️ 12 group live-calls of 90-120 minutes 

The first call of the month is a temple which focuses on different leadership themes:
Unwinding survival mechanisms, Unhiding yourself, Deepening your ability to receive etc. In these calls we work with your personal & spiritual process through ceremony, ritual, embodied practices.  

The second call of the month is a business call which focuses on business themes: Authentic selling, Audience growth, Content creating, Developing of your offers etc. In these calls you work on your business and can receive hot seat coaching, Q&A and break out rooms assignments. 

Any new trainings or updates that will be made in the future are included for you as well. 

✔️ Lifetime access to the online membership area
+ future updates 

Each month you receive 1 Leadership Training, 1 Business Training, complimentary tools (f.e. creating your own masterclass, setting up your podcast, writing your newsletter & email sequences and so much more), meditations & practices. 


✔️Access to online community space 

We will be working together in an online community space, to have a space to share, celebrate, ask for support, feedback and accountability. You will also find all the recordings of the live calls in here. 

✔️ Weekly Personal Support, Feedback & Accountability for all that you are creating; content, offers, webpages etc.

In the community space, I will give you my personal feedback on your offers, posts, marketing, ways to grow your audience as well as support you in releasing resistances, limiting beliefs that are holding you back. In this program we truly welcome your Greatness to come out in an aligned way for you.

So you keep walking, keep trusting and keep saying YES to YOU. To feel the fear, feel the doubt and do it anyway :-)



This mastermind was created from a deep prayer to guide powerful women into their Soul Based Leadership and deeply aligned Business.
This work is deeply meaningful to me and my own journey into Soul Leadership has been hugely transformative.


Price €4997 
Or 12x €497

(This price is excl. 21% VAT for clients in the Netherlands and private clients inside the EU) 

I pay in full and save €967
I pay in 12 instalments
I want to book a discovery call with Nicole

"I chose this mastermind to reprogram my nervous system to deeply Trust the Mystery of how my Life & Business unfolds. At the end of month 4 I made €16.000 in 1 launch."

Shannon Handa
Founder of Shannon Handa Yoga

"Shannon supports women on the edge of burnout and guides them back into nourishment & clarity."

"I am soooo grateful I said YES to working with Nicole! It has impacted me on so many levels in a refined energetic way. I feel a safety that I've never experienced before and my life has been turning around big time! "

Stefanie Nicolaou
Birth Doula and Tantric Therapist

"The first call with Nicole inspired me so much, I  made back my investment before the mastermind even started! My whole body screams YESSS. I am sooo ready!"

Farin Ramdjan
Founder of  Food Body Soul

"Farin grew her email list to 1500 women in only a few months time."

And there is more.
You receive the following bonuses.

Bonus 1
In person Live Day (Value €497)


 Abundant 2024
In person live-day on a beautiful and cozy location in or Around Amsterdam, Netherlands
with Nicole and the women of the mastermind group.
Community - Envisioning 2024 - Accessing abundance - Delicious organic lunch.

For the women who are unable to join in person we set up an online way to join this day.

This day will be scheduled for January 2024. 

Bonus 2
Lifetime access to my best money program (Value €197)


3 hour training to heal your relationship with money and naturally open your money attracting floodgates.  

Bonus 3
Lifetime access to my mission & purpose program  (Value €555)


6 week journey to embody your most free & alive self, access the heart of your mission and live a life beyond your wildest dreams. 



This is a council of selected extraordinary women in an all permission space for

Greatness, Togetherness, Power, Leadership & Deeply Aligned Soul Based Business.


Will you join the Council?




Yes I'm In!