THIS! Is your purpose

blog purpose soul based business soul leadership Apr 09, 2022
Today I talk with you about the BIG QUESTION;

"What is my purpose?"

You might have been:
πŸ˜‘  Searching for what your purpose is.
πŸ₯΄  Feeling  unclear on what to choose from all your different interests.
😡‍πŸ’«  Not seeing the full picture of what is meant to be.
If so, I invite you to..
βœ‹ STOP πŸ›‘
Take a breath in… and out…
Relax you butt muscles.
Soften your mind and let me remind you:
  • It's a vibration that you always already send out to your surroundings wether you are working or not.
  • It's reflected in the qualities that naturally open up in the people around you as they spend time with you.
  • It's the flavour that you miss in someone when they are gone.
  • That unique fragrance that makes you You and makes someone else them.
  • It's your deeper Soul Vibration that shines through your personality and is beyond words, patterns and behaviours.
So why can it seem so difficult to recognize your purpose vibration?
Because this is the vibration that feels so normal to you that you tend to completely overlook it.
2 ways to tap into your Purpose vibration
I offer you to ways that will help you to get more clear on the vibration your purpose holds. It's a vibration that is always naturally with you inside and outside work.
1. Look back into your Life and see what qualities of your Essence people tend to reflect to you?
For example people often see or feel in me:
- A blend of gentleness and power
- Clarity
- Groundedness
2. What becomes available in the people that you work with or spend time with?
For Example:
When people spend time with me, they naturally:
- Deepen the connection with their intuitive gifts,
- Get inspired in their purpose & mission,
- Feel safe to bring their greatness out and
- Trust a deeper Intelligence of Life that cannot be seen or touched with their regular 5 senses.
Through that I know now that my purpose vibration is ->
"People experiencing the Magic of their Intuition, Purpose & Power."
And "people trusting a deeper Intelligence beyond their linear mind."
What is it for you?
Mission is the way you bring your purpose vibration in to the world.
You might wonder: "If Purpose is the vibration that is always already here, then what about the way I express myself in the world?"
That's where we start to touch upon mission. Mission is the way you bring your purpose vibration into the world. Unlike purpose vibration, your mission can, and often will, shift shape over time. In other words the vibration you are is present with you since very early on in Life. The way you bring this vibration into the world, changes over time.
The one question you ask yourself to have your mission unfold.
Where is my resonance guiding me right now?
Or in other words:
Where is my intuitive pull taking me in this very moment?
Because your Higher self communicates through what resonates.
It's your higher self's way of saying: "Come this way."
When you trust your higher self's guidance, above anything else, your mission will naturally unfold.
Follow the breadcrumbs of resonance, excitement, joy or expansion.
Every single time -> follow the next breadcrumb, eat it and repeat.
πŸ‘‰πŸΎLet go of needing to see the full picture.
πŸ‘‰πŸΎLet go of the how and when.
Start with your resonance in this very moment.
And the fullness of your Mission naturally unfolds.

Let's sum it all up in a simple way.
1. Purpose is the vibration of your superpower, mission the way you bring your superpower into the world.
2. The blueprint of your mission and purpose is already within yourself
3. Your higher self knows the way into fully embodying and living it.
Now please...
Take a breath ........and listen inside
Where is your resonance guiding you right now?




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