Channeling Your Higher Self - 6 week program  with immediate access

☀️ Embody your Higher Self Self, so you can live your fullest potential.

☀️ Design your Dream Life and learn simple, yet powerful ways to naturally attract it.

☀️ Access the heart of your mission and discover the way your Soul wants to be of Service to the world. 

☀️ Deepen your ability to truly Surrender, Trust & Receive everything you desire.

☀️ Release what's in the way between You and the Life of your dreams.

☀️ Discover that your Purpose is not a thing you do, but a Vibration You Are. And learn simple ways to embody this.

☀️ Live & work from a place of Freedom and Ease.

☀️ Welcome your Power & Greatness and dare to stand in it.

☀️ Learn to t
rust your Intuition and receive clear inner guidance in every moment.

☀️ Cultivate the courage to walk in the footsteps of your Higher Self's guidance. 


You will have lifetime access to this course + future updates in the online school!
You receive access to the full program right after signing up.

Yes, I want this!

You have the blueprint of your Dream Life & Mission is already within you and your Higher Self knows how to
embody and live it fully. 

Over 100 women already went through
Channeling your Higher Self!!

Here's what some of them say about it!


Annabella Lestuny

"I joined CYHS not once, not twice but 3 times! It was so enriching! I learned to trust my higher self soo much more and I love it.

Nicole is an amazing mentor that continues to inspire me. I keep returning to the meditations and they always connect me instantly with my Higher Self and who She is."

Marceline Dub

"I enjoyed this course so much. It doesn't feel like a normal online program to me, where my brain is bombarded with information, where I feel overwhelmed with way too much material, and where I feel so disconnected from myself.

I experienced it as a rewarding, positive feeling of self-care. This program helped me to get so more in touch with myself  again. Thank you so much for creating this."

Melissa Maria

"I have been postponing to listen to my Higher Self. During the program, I reconnected with Her and my Purpose again. I realised that it will always be there, no matter how much or often I ignore it.

I now know that I want to create a space for woman to go back to their Deliciousness, Freedom and Joy. In the format of 1-1 coaching combined with online woman circles."

Joeke Hoeboer

"Nicole, I want to thank you for this program. I've been all in and fully committed to the transmissions, practices and meditations.  

I experience so much more space, clarity and MAGIC. I've been invited to offer my work on the radio, started new collaborations en all of it fits so well in my flow and dream vision. Thanks!"

My name is Nicole Nyima Costerus,

I was a social worker in a 9 to 5 job.
🥴 I felt stuck in a system that I didn't agree with.
🥴 Limited in a lifestyle that felt too trapped.
🥴 I felt an incredible amount of un-lived potential inside of me.
🥴 A longing to be free to travel the world whenever I want.
🥴 I felt alone in my spiritual journey and wasn't happy in the lifestyle I was living.
🥴 I was longing for the freedom I somehow knew was possible.

2014 I made a promise to myself;

To only follow my intuition, my heart and the guidance of my Higher Self

👉🏽 Also if it's scary,

👉🏽 Also if it means letting go of situations & people in my Life.

👉🏽 Also if I'm feeling insecure or not knowing where it will take me.

I decided to say "YES" to my Higher Self and
the adventures She wanted to take me on. 

Fast forward… 

Here I am in a Life beyond my wildest dreams:

🙏🏾 a location independent lifestyle, with lots of traveling.
🙏🏾 a conscious loving relationship with an amazing partner.
🙏🏾 a beautiful community of like hearted friends.
🙏🏾 a deeply aligned blossoming 6+ figure soul business.
🙏🏾 a mission that supports thousands of women each year.
🙏🏾 and most of all it opened me into the embodiment of my most Free & Alive Self. 

There was 1 crucial thing that guided me to where I am today!
A deep connection with the version of me who was already doing it and living it. The connection with my Higher Self. 

I created a 6 week journey for you to learn how to:
 Become your Higher Self.
💃🏽 Access the heart of your mission.
💃🏽 Naturally a
ttract a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

I am looking forward to journey together with you in Channeling your Higher Self. 


What other leaders in the field say about Nicole


Sumir Brown, USA


"Nicole is a powerful female leader who wields her feminine intuition in service to the women in her care. I have had the blessing to witness Nicole in many ranges, and she is the real deal. She is fierce & gentle, courageous & humble, teacher & student, curious & wise. She is the leader the world is craving. May her work reach across the globe. Ase and Amen!"

Zola Dubnikova, Israel


"Nicole’s intuition and presence is deep as the ocean. She is a powerful yet gentle woman who walks between the worlds, whose eyes shine with the brightness of the sun. Resting under the blanket of her wisdom and kindness, doors of the soul open."

Lisanne Reintier, NL


‘'Nicole is the embodiment of a very soft and powerful woman. Everything she shares comes from deep, deep within. She leads with Clarity, Power & Gentleness. She helps women to connect to their intuitive gifts and guides women towards Soul-based leadership. A big inspiration!'

Your Purpose is not a thing you do,
it's a Vibration You Are.

The more you embody this Essence Vibration, the more you naturally attract your Dream Life & Mission. 

Yes, I'm ready!

Our 6 weeks together

Week I - Unwinding

Bye Bye survival mode and hello Freedom and Ease. Get into a deep connection with your Higher Self.

Week II - Unhiding

Unhide the parts of you that feel comfortable in hiding and dare to show yourself to the world.

Week III - Rising

Welcome your Power & Greatness and dare to stand in it. Realize your  Superpowers and feel confident, trusting them to create your dreamlife & mission!

Week IV - Receiving

Surrender the Strong independent within and deepen your ability to receive Love, Support, Money & Life.


Week V - Weaving

Learn to trust and follow your Intuition and experience clear Inner Guidance. Discover the art of weaving most (if not all) of your interests into your own unique body of work.


Week VI - Becoming

Become your Higher Self. Design and welcome the life of your Dreams full of trust & courage and Live a Life full of Purpose & Mission. 


It's not enough to have the feathers, 
You must DARE TO FLY!

- Cass van Krah - 

I'm ready to FLY!

What you'll receive

* A 6 week Journey to become your Higher Self, Access the Heart of your Mission and naturally attract a life beyond your wildest dreams.

* 6 weeks of self paced weekly video trainings, meditations & practices in the online portal.

* Lifetime access to powerful transmission, meditations, guided journeys, practices and tools to embody your higher self, access the heart of your mission and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.  





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