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You Are A Soul Leader: The Council
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9 March 2023

This 6-month Mastermind journey is a  council of extraordinary women in an all permission space of expanding their soulwork. A space in which they create or expand their business through a deep communion with the Mystery, intertwined with powerful business tools.

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You Are Intuition
Start 11 April 2023

10 week certification to become a psychic practitioner and utilise psychic readings with your clients. 

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Self Paced Programs

Channeling Your Higher Self - Selfstudy

A 6 week Journey into the Heart of your Mission and a life full of Purpose. Develop a deep connection with your Higher Self and cultivate the courage to walk in the footsteps of her guidance. 

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The Sacred Art of Receiving More Money - 3 hour training

This 3 hour intensive takes you on a journey to discover the secrets to heal your relationship with money and naturally open your "money receiving floodgates".

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She Who Stands for A New World:
The Collected Masterclasses

This online retreat brings you 20+ conscious entrepreneurs, business oracles, revolutionaries, coaches, astrologers, sacred dance teachers, artists, visionaries, and mystery keepers that provide an immersion into the core your essence, the heart of your mission and the Soul of your business.

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