Welcome to the

Seeing in the Dark

A dive into;

Soul-Based Leadership
and the Mysteries of
Power, Purpose
and Intuition.

"Seeing in the dark is a podcast for rebels, change-makers and revolutionaries that know something deeper, more heart centered and soul-based is available in life, leadership & business."

"Seeing in the dark is a podcast about paving new ways and this asks for us to have an ability to see in the dark, as these paths have not been walked before." 


My name is Nicole Nyima Costerus

Medium, Mystic, Mentor and lover of life.

Since 2004 I've been diving into deep studies and initiations to embody my uniques essence so deeply that my vibration would naturally teach, assist and inspire others. That's what true leadership looks like for me. 

Old ways of leading are crumbling and new ones are being born. This asks us to have the ability to see in the dark, as this path has not been walked before yet. 

I believe that all; is birthed from the dark, the mystery, the unknown 🖤 and that's where I also run my business from. => From a deep communion with the Mystery of Life and through a deep listening and birthing from the inside out.

Since 2020 Women of Ancient Futures grew into a multiple 6 figure business that each year supports thousands of women from all over the world to embody their purpose and live it naturally and fully through the power of resonance, synchronicities and magic.

May you be deeply inspired by this podcast and may it support you in a deeply fulfilling Purpose, Mission and Life.

With love 🖤




"May you embody your Unique Essence so deeply, that your vibration naturally teaches, assists and inspires others." 

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