#07 The Gems of Moving From 1,5K Months to My First 85K Launch

6 figure year deathandrebirth freedom money soul based business soul leadership Apr 06, 2021

I remember how far off a 6 figure business or an 85K launch sounded, even a year ago. Through a very simple set of decisions & shifts Women of Ancient Futures, grew into a 6 figure business within 9 months.

My business is now growing exponentially instead of linearly and in this episode I share with you the gems I found on my way from 1,5k months as a social worker to my first 85K launch as an entrepreneur.

My intention is that wherever you are in the process of welcoming an "abundant life that is deeply sourced from purpose" that this episode may inspire you to keep trusting, to keep leaping and to keep making space for all love, abundance and goodness that is trying to come your way.

Your first 85K launch might be closer than you think... And I know that if I can do it, so can you.


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πŸ”₯ Let the Mystery be your strategy.

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00:15 - Introduction
00:50 - Judgement towards 'showing off'
02:22 - Conscious community's money convictions
04:30 - 2015: Working as a social worker
06:25 - Starting with 0 followers
08:55 - Not abundant, but safe
09:15 - Herniated disc made me leap
10:22 - Following the intuition, out of the matrix
14:30 - Marrying my mission
15:25 - Taking small step towards the big leap
17:43 - Just enough money
21:47 - From government support until 85K last month
24:55 - Listening to courage
25:58 - I never thought..
27:14 - Standing in the fullness of your mission
28:30 - Where can you create more space?
29:10 - Biggest Launch on holiday
32:10 - Money in the hands of women
32:50 - Fear coming up in meeting new layers
34:27 - Celebrating each yes
35:30 - Your new community
36:15 - Keep going, not pushing
38:30 - Trusting the leaping
40:25 - Finding your mission
41:42 - Free Meditation



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