The Sacred Art of Receiving More Money

alignment blog money soul based business soul leadership Mar 19, 2022
You might see the title of this article and go:
"Receiving Money? 😬 a Sacred Art?" 😵‍💫. 
If that's not your response, it was definitely mine until 2020. 
Before the year of 2020, I've gone through many different relationships with money. I've known times I was:
😵‍💫 Not having the money to do groceries.
😵‍💫 Not having any sign ups for my program or sessions.
😵‍💫 Having 1 or 2 sign ups and feeling the despair of not knowing if this will ever work out. 
😵‍💫 Feeling I would never be able to generate the income I longed for and forever be stuck in a job I didn't like. 
I could feel needy, insecure and in deep despair in my relationship with money. 
And even through I stabilised into making 2k months in my business from 2018 👉🏽 I was feeling a deeper desire knocking on my door;
A desire to really open the money attracting floodgates, so I could be of service from a massive overflow, so I could create and support amazing projects, pay my team well, change the money system from the inside out and co-create a  world in which everything is possible!
What I did not know back then was that:
😬 My strong independent woman was blocking me from receiving.
😬 My limiting beliefs around money were shaping my reality about it. 
😬 My beautiful beliefs around money were creating a glass ceiling I couldn't see, but very much feel.
😬 I wasn't feeling safe, worthy, confident or in trust with this being called MONEY. 
Some parts of me were simply not on board with the desire that was presenting itself.
Live is already wanting to meet you in your money desires, it's just you (mostly unconsciously) resisting it. 
I am not saying this, so you can have an other excuse to be harsh on yourself, or to punish yourself for doing this. NO, I am sharing this because it's good news! What you are desiring is already coming your way, that's why it's presented in your desires. Your desires are the way through which your higher self communicates with you, signals you and invites you into a vibration closer to your Soul's expression. Your desires are a next opening and expansion, knocking on your door. Your desires are beautiful and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.
BUT why the struggle with them? Why isn't it (always) naturally and effortlessly flowing into your existence? 
When it comes to your desires, there are parts of you on board and other parts saying: "Nooooo, please don't give me this because I am not safe, worthy, confident or sure enough." 
As long as you don't have these parts on board, you are resisting the very thing you long for. 
A powerful practice you can do to explore your relationship with money 
If you are now feeling like: "Ok! I want to know where I am resisting money, I want to know where I'm at in my relationship with money! 
You can do this practice:
Close your eyes.. 
Take a few deep breaths in and out....
Imagine money as your partner.
*How are you feeling in relationship towards this partner?
*What is your first impression? 
*How close or far away are you from each other? 
*What is your bodily response? *What are you noticing?
Then Ask yourself: 
What can I do for this relationship, so it can deepen in connection and trust? And give or do that for the relationship. The more you connect with money as a being and deepen your connection the more the relationship can start to flow. 
When the Money floodgates open...
Since the moment I decided to turn towards money, heal my relationship with it and to truly learn to love this being called money, My life changed drastically!!!!
I went from making zero and being on government support the first 5 months of 2020 to almost passing my first 6 figure year within 7 months in the rest of 2020 (92K), to then more than double that in 2021. That means Women of Ancient Futures is now a multiple 6 figure business, that continues to grow and expand as I learn to deepen the art of truly receiving more money.
There are some very potent things I discovered on the way of this money journey and I would love to share those with you in this 3 hour intensive.
I will take you through the most transformational practices I've been doing (and am still doing), I will ask you questions, help you reflect and show you powerful doors you can open and walk through on your money journey. This might sound small and simple, and it is through exactly that, the small and simple (not always easy 😉) decisions we make every day, that big change happens.
I would love to see you in The Sacred Art of Receiving More Money!
With love 🖤



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