The impact of Solar flares, Full moons and other cosmic events

alignment blog deathandrebirth selfcare Apr 16, 2022

Solar flares, full moons and other cosmic events can have a great impact on how you are feeling; Midnight releases, inspirations & downloads, trippy experiences without any psychedelics, hot flashes, intense colds, shaking, headaches, dizziness and stomach pain, are just a few of the things that I've been feeling lately and have been hearing from many around me as well. Today I share with you how you can take care of yourself when your personal process and cosmic events become intense as f*? 

When you get shaken out of stability
I am not someone that connects every wobble I experience, with a cosmic event. I actually see how this can be used as a way to avoid our own personal process. But having that said, sometimes there are periods in which there are more nights up than usual, more things that release from my body than average and I then can not connect everything to the things that happen in my personal life. 

Your transformational experiences are a sacred weaving of your own personal happenings, the unfoldment of your soul path and the impact of cosmic events.

A sacred blend that weaves together a unique impact on your body, being and spirit. So that exactly what needs to released from your body, can release. When you get shaken by this unique blend of events, it can be challenging to "hold your ground" in the process and not loose yourself in fear, self-doubt, worry or overwhelm. 

Here are 5 things you can do to guide yourself back into relaxation, trust and confidence.

1. Stop resisting where you are currently at.
I see many women struggle with this. There is a deep longing for  expansion, growth and more success. There also seems to be this "build-in" idea that in order to grow, you need to make where you're currently at, wrong. Because if you would fully relax where you are at, you worry that growth will not happen anymore. 


You resisting where you are at means you meet life from a place of resistance. And this makes it much harder for Life to meet you in the things want. 
The more you can relax with where you're at, the easier Life can meet you in the things you long for. 


2.  Be kind to yourself and make space for nourishment.
Don't worry! Your wobbliness will not ruin your creations and manifestations. It's not that easy to side track the divine plan that is working you. It is actually quite the opposite; This wobble is the magic of the creation process at work. -> You can relax, Life has got your back and you can trust the divine intelligence that is weaving this situation FOR you, not against you.

Don't push yourself into anything. Instead take time to go slow and ask yourself: "What feels most nourishing for me right now?"
Nourishment guides your system back into receptivity and availability for this deeper intelligence that simply knows. 

3. Feel and move with your emotions.
You, as a human being, are programmed to protect yourself from discomfort. So when discomfort shows up, don't
 ignore it, push it away or wipe it under the carpet. Instead welcome all sensations and meet them with your breath, your sound and movement. The parts that get shaken want to be seen by you, met by you and held by you. 

4. Remember! 
Nothing has inherent meaning... 
You can always choose the meaning you give to the things that happen in your Life. So knowing that, what are you making your current situation mean? And what perspective would feel (more) expansive?

5. Meet your most free & alive self
One of my All Time Favorite visualisations is the "Meet your most free & alive self Activation". A 20 minute guided meeting with the version of you that is fully living her potential and fully embodying her Essence. You will receive a powerful transmission from her, words of guidance and a deep remembrance of who you are at your core. You can join this 20 minute activation completely for free. I went through this activation countless times and every time I remember and deepen the connection with the potential that lives inside of me. Click here and receive direct access to the Free Activation.

Let me know which way feels most supportive for you!

With love 🖤




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