#58 How I Created a Location Independent Lifestyle of my Dreams

purpose soul based business soul leadership Sep 03, 2023




In this week’s episode, I can’t help but reflect on the remarkable journey my life has taken over the past decade.


From being a social worker in a 9 to 5 job, that felt stuck in a system I didn’t like to now running my own successful soul based business, with a team of 4 amazing people supporting me. I made almost 600.000 in revenue in the last 3 years and feel deep alignment with all I offer with Women of Ancient Futures.


I have a location independent lifestyle and have the freedom to travel the world whenever and wherever I want. While I enjoy a homebase in Amsterdam with a beautiful partner who lives and loves the same lifestyle as I do.


For this episode, I want to share with you some decisions and actions I took that led me to create this dream lifestyle. Whether you're just starting out or seeking a significant change, I want to inspire you to take your own path towards the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. 


Remember, your dream lifestyle is within reach, and by applying these lessons to your own journey, you can make it a reality.






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