Feeling safe is a magnet to money

blog money power soul based business soul leadership Mar 25, 2022
I received an email this week from a woman who wanted to join "The Sacred Art of Receiving More Money". She felt ethical doubts around making more money. She said: What about all the poverty in the world. Not everyone can make more money, aren't we making the gap bigger between rich and poor? And what if I want to stay accessible to everyone with my work?
I love that she voiced this because it's a voice that I and probably you, encountered inside yourself as well. There are so many painful realities in this world in connection to Power & Money that it makes most of us in complete resistance, distrust and confusion towards it. We unconsciously fear that we will abuse our power, end up like money hungry monsters or become equally destructive as what many leaders in this world are showing by example.
When I make more, you make less (<- SO NOT TRUE!)
When you make more money, it doesn't mean the rest of the world makes less, there is more than enough money for everyone on this planet. "Yes, but it's not distributed equally." Correct! But this is not money's fault, this is the effect of a bunch of leaders and corporations who are out for more power and do so over the back of others suffering.
Having more money amplifies who you already are.
Meaning => If you are someone with a lot of care for people, community and the world then having more money will amplify this. The leaders, corporations and people who acquire more power and money through abuse and manipulation, most likely had these abusive qualities already within them when they did not have big amounts of Money and Power. 
The more your trust yourself, the more your Power, Greatness & Money can flow into creating a world you want to live in. 
  • You have a good heart,
  • You hold yourself to high integrity and
  • You have a mission that comes from a place of Soul.
I don't know about you, but I want to live in a world where A LOT MORE money is in hands of heart-centered and Soul-Based leaders like you.
Keeping yourself small doesn't serve the world, IT REALLY DOESN'T. If you want to make lots of money, you can! You are allowed! And not only that, you can do amazing & powerful things with your money to pave new ways to replace this "way past due date" system.
Making more money = having more possibilities
This is what more money means 👉🏽 more possibilities. But what about keeping myself available for everyone in terms of pricing? Don't I make myself unavailable for a big group of people? To be honest, I've experienced exactly the opposite!  In 2021 I served thousands more women through my free events than in the year before. I donated over 12000 euro into amazing projects and was able to do so because there was a financial spaciousness and abundance in my own finances.
  • Having more money means having more possibilities.
  • Having more money means fuel for your mission to be carried out more widely and powerfully.
  • Having more money means an amplification of the beautiful being you are and the qualities you have. 
  • Having more money means you being able to work from a place of overflow and feeling deeply nourished.
  • Having more money means your community, team and network can grow with you into similar levels of abundance and wayyyy beyond.
**Did you know women tend to share their wealth once they acquire it?
Research has shown that once women make more money, they help their communities to build wealth as well. This means that a beautiful and powerful ripple of wealth can be created from your wealth and this will have a massive impact on this world, on our economy, on our money system, on the way we live and eventually also on poverty.
The first 2 steps to making more money
Let me share with you the 2 steps that created the biggest change in the amount of money I was making;
Step 1  - Know that, Feeling safe is a magnet for money.
Once you feel safe within yourself, it's very easy to attract more money into your experience.  What can you do, that will have you feel more safe within yourself? Regularly ask yourself this question and deepen your sense of safety.
Step 2 - Deepen your ability to receive.
The deeper your ability to receive, the more money can flow into your experience. Making more money is not about doing more, it's about making space to truly receive. So next time you receive a compliment, a gift, love, support or money => Can you truly let it in?! Can you really pause, take a deep breath as you receive in all the molecules of your body.
Let me know how this goes for you.
With love,
A 3 hour training to:
  • Feel safe & worthy of having the money you desire.
  • Shift your beliefs in order to call in the money that you want over and over again. 
  • Feel certainty and clarity around the next steps to take towards more money coming your way. 
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