#78 10 ways to build a solid foundation in your Soul Business

soul based business Feb 18, 2024



Do you want to feel held and nourished by the money flow, reach, and structures of your Soul Business?


In this episode, I will show you 10 ways to build a solid foundation in your Soul Business. You don't have to implement all 10 of them at once, but I recommend for you to feel into each one of them, pick one, and do it really, really well. I will offer you 10 tips based on my own experience and the learnings from the women I've worked with over the years to help you build a solid business foundation that is full of love, care, precision, and devotion.


So, if you want to work less and smarter instead of harder, if you want to slow down, do less, but do things better, don’t miss out on this episode to help you move forward in your business and your mission. Let’s dive in!









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