#06 Staying Aligned in Times of Chaos

alignment authenticity freedom purpose Feb 25, 2021

Where we are leaning out of our power in this current global crisis/initiation? We can hold space for all that happens within and around us. Learning to stay aligned in times of chaos opens the doors for true liberation, a place where magic can unfold.

In this week's episode of Seeing In the Dark, I speak with Mayke about the meaning of alignment with ourselves, our work and the new world unfolding. We dive into our shared love for darkness, channeling collective pain and our visions for the new world.




00:51 - Introduction Mayke
03:34​ - The rebel with a closed heart
06:04​ - Being OK with being different
09:00. - Staying strong in your vision
12:44 - Real freedom is a dive into the unknown
13:44. - What is inner beauty?
15:14. - Keys to liberation
17:46​ - Embracing the darkness
25:14 - Emotions as forms of consciousness
25:5​4 - No more small talk
27:24. - Mayke’s vision for the new world
29:01​ - Nicole’s vision for the new world
30:59 - Taking a stand for the future
32:51​ - Every individual is a piece of the puzzle
34:34. - Cocooning and Channeling for the collective
41:12. - More about Mayke’s work
42:59​ - Gift for the 1 day-retreat
44:14​ - Join the program






Mayke is clear about her mission: “I’m here to make a difference, and to help people awaken to their true essence.”  She developed a strong intuition, which gave her the balls to close the doors of her successful modeling & recruitment agency to follow her heart and dedicate herself to the Inner Beauty Retreat. Also, she makes short & simple self-help videos on YouTube and Instagram to stay connected with and directly serve her community.









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