#74 7 figure business & mama of 3 with Taylor Lee

business growth soul based business Jan 07, 2024



This week I will introduce you to my business coach during 2023! Taylor Lee, 7 figure business owner and mama of 3 young children. 


Taylor is such a beautiful example of a powerful combination of motherhood and business. She has helped me go into the next phase of my life as a mother and an entrepreneur more prepared, relaxed, and confident. Join us in this episode and be inspired by Taylor’s wisdom and insights.


More about Taylor Lee

After scaling her own business to 7 figures as a new mama, Taylor Lee is on a mission to help women love every part of their coaching businesses and experience their biggest years in business ever. She has been my mentor over the last year, and I'm super excited to share our conversation about her journey to seven figures, navigating motherhood, and everything in between.


If you are someone who's in a changing season, whether you're a new mother or aspiring to become one, thinking about starting a business, or navigating through the growth process of your existing business, Taylor shares about the importance of simplicity in your business & life to create freedom. She also believes in the power of building self-awareness and being unwavering in creating the lifestyle & business that you really want.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_thetaylorlee/ 

Website: https://www.thetaylorlee.com/ 

Listen to her podcast: Fully Free with Taylor Lee 





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