#66 - Channeling, how to do it and why? with Elise Brathwaite

channeling mysticism Oct 29, 2023



 Step into this week's episode as Elise takes us on a journey of channeling, building a relationship with the universe, and surrendering to the unknown.  As someone who has always been fascinated with these topics, I am so happy to share my conversation with Elise with you! 

Elise Breathwaite is an Oracle Soul Mama, Channel, Speaker, and Group Facilitator based in Canada. I met Elise during a collaboration with over 45 soul entrepreneurs in a project called The Vault, and we immediately clicked. I love her deep connection to the Mystery and her love for channeling, energetic clearing, and most of all being a modern-day mystic — someone that lives deep spirituality in the day to day things.

During our conversation, Elise shares her experiences with the practice of channeling spirits and connecting with the universe. She explains that when you allow the universe to know that you're starting to see and listen, it starts opening up pathways for guidance and wisdom to flow. We also discussed the idea of bringing through one's purest passions, and how this can create a reciprocal energy within the universal experience.

So if you're curious about exploring the realms of channeling, energetic clearing, and making yourself available for the great Mystery, join us in our conversation and learn from Elise’s brilliant insights.



Instagram: http://instagram.com/elise_brathwaite

Website: https://www.elisebrathwaite.com/ 


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