#12 10 Ways to Become Unwavering in your Mission & Business

alignment money purpose soul based business soul leadership May 14, 2022

The hardest thing in mission & business πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Becoming unwavering.

I wobbled in and out of connection with my mission so many times, got lost in doubt, insecurities, fears and overwhelm. Becoming unwavering doesn't mean you will not feel the wobbles anymore, it means you let your body get more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

In this episode I share 10 ways that supported me the most in becoming more unwavering in my mission and business. Which one is your favorite?

00:35 Introduction
01:20 Becoming Unwavering, from side-job to full-time commitment
03:44 Choosing to be IN, no matter what
04:52 You need to go First
06:14 Learn to become comfortable in the uncomfortable
08:22 Shift your perspective on what is happening
11:40 Connecting to your natural flow
13:36 Know that your mission is bigger than just you
15:23 Fall in love with your craft / Marry your mission
16:50 Let yourself be inspired (or triggered)
19:40 Let yourself be supported
21:30 Take care of your mission and business like you would the seeds in your garden
25:08 You Are A Soul Leader Mastermind



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