Awakening Intuition for Women
-> 5 & 6 September 2020, Amsterdam FULL!

You are welcomed into a deep awakening of your intuition and remembrance of the wisdom inside. A space in which scepticism, insecurity and fear will transform to trust, surrender and expansion. A deep journey in which we dive into intuitive awakening, instinctive being and next level sensing.

The Psychic, Mediumistic & Shamanic Arts
-> 13-15 November 2020

A prayer into crystal clear intuition,  ancient wisdom and primal power.

Registration opens soon!

Women Who Walk Between The Worlds
-> 5-11 June 2021, Orgiva, Spain

The intention for this retreat is bringing a union between the dark and the light. Opening in the ability to descend deep into our root, into matter, into this human body. And opening high into the light, our multidimensional being, the subtle realms of consciousness & spirit. Bringing all this into union into the heart of Love.


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