Welcome to the She Who Stands For A New World Global online retreat.


This online on-demand retreat brings you 20+ conscious entrepreneurs, business oracles, revolutionaries, coaches, astrologers, sacred dance teachers, artists, visionaries,
and mystery keepers to provide


an immersion into the core of your essence, the heart of your mission and the Soul of your business.

A sample of the potent topics our speakers will cover:

Maanee Chrystal Joy - The Shadow, The body & The Feminine in Leadership

Sia Hu Heku - The Deep Feminine will Birth the New World

Sophie Josephina - Money as your lover, dropping to your knees for sky daddy & human AF business

Jasmine (Sacress) - The Art of Cyclical Embodiment" - how to navigate life and business as cyclical being

Imaya Sabine - Rebels with a cause

Ayesha Durrani - Oath Oracle - The Path of Prosperous Purpose : Empowering your life & business with Astrology

Aida Lucie - Pleasure Powered Business

Ronja Sebastian - Flowstate, Bending Time & Breaking Rules In Business.

Margo Awanata - Priestess Awakening - A dance journey to remember

Jocelyn Star Feather - Ancient Egyptian Magic: Accessing Our Vital Power As Creator Beings

Celeste Gonzaléz - Power & Leadership : Moving WITH fear, not against it

Jennifer Ann - How she who opens her heart, is a portal into the new world. "A personal Journey through the sacredness of Cacao"

Juliet Lipman - 3 Codes to Growing Your Social Media (even with a small following) in Your Juicy Feminine Business

Mystery - The Ancient Way - Remembering the Portals of the Dark, Shadow, Death & Rebirth

Issa van den Berg - Landing Purpose - Experiencing multidimensionality through the body

Leonie Gabriella - Becoming the Wildly Abundant Woman: 6 Steps to Stop Doubting Yourself, Start Charging Your Worth & Create The Impact & Income You're Here To Make

Zola Dubnikova - The hidden languages of the Soul

Sarah-Jane Perman - Your body is the Mystery School - Womb clearing & Ovarian breathing to ground into deep presence

Taki’h - The Dark masculine and Power in women

Mayke Niestadt - Intuition, self-connection and Truth - The 3 things we need to live our purpose.

Meet your host => Nicole Costerus

''My mission is to see a world filled with Female, Intuitive, Soul-Based Leaders.

 In this portal you will be guided into an activation that helps your in the courage, clarity and direction of your Calling. So you vibration can support the New World that is emerging through the cracks of the old.

I am looking forward to journey with you.

Much love,



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We created this 5 day immersion

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💃🏽 Feel safe and welcomed in all of yourself.
💃🏽 Stop holding back and keeping small.
💃🏽 Relax the need to push and control.
💃🏽 Learn to dance with fear, doubt & overwhelm along the way.
💃🏽 Connect with the heart of your mission.
💃🏽 Meet the Soul of your (future) business.
💃🏽 Radiate your core into the world.
💃🏽 Shine in your fullest power. 
💃🏽 Be a walking transmission of the new world.
💃🏽 Be a permission slip for Love, Freedom, Power, Connection & Aliveness.




you’ll receive access to the online portal in which you will find all the downloadable video's of each & every interview. You can re-visit the online portal and all the masterclasses as often as you like and/or download your favorite ones into  your personal video library.


You can watch & listen to the interviews again & again, while exercising or gardening, from your home or office, for continued inspiration and revolutionary guidance from this unique and world-changing group of female soul based leaders. 


This is a unique & never-to-be-found-again collection of workshops from some of today’s most cutting-edge Soul based leaders (see the complete list of speakers & their topics as you scroll down this page).


Our Speakers & Masterclass-givers

Nicole Costerus

Soul work mentor, midwife of the soul, international event leader and founder of Women of Ancient Futures.
Creator & Producer of She Who Stands for A New World

Jasmine Alicia Carter

Menstrual Artist & Sacred Feminine Empowerment Mentor devoted to empowering and educating women to reclaim their true feminine nature.

Ayesha Durrani

Oath Oracle
Astrologer and business oracle, serving New Earth leaders to create overflowing prosperity with their soul gifts.

Sophie Josephina

Sex & relating coach, masculine/feminine expert and podcast host. Creatress of The Intiaitaion, Healing the Masculine, Deep Money & Claim(ed).

Imaya Sabine

Muse Channel & Artist of the Feminine Spirit. Creatress of Serpentine Studies & Imaya Sutras

Aida Lucie

Holistic intimacy coach specializing in female pleasure & sexuality. Here to help women discover the power of their sexuality and orgasmic potential.


Margo Awanata

World wide women's empowerment coach, priestess of the modern times, founder of Wild & Sacred Women & Path of the Priestess.

Ronja Sebastian

International event leader, experience designer and catalyst into limitless living, creator of the ecstatic awakening retreat and the deep woman immersion.

Leonie Gabriella

Spiritual business and money mindset coach. She's the founder of the the Money Manifesting Queen and the Abundant Passionpreneur Academy


Maanee Chrystal Joy

Trauma informed Somatic Psychotherapist, Dance Therapist and Somatic Erotic Educator. Creatress of the "Shadow Side of the feminine" global online summit.

Mayke Niestadt

Helps you get clarity and establish a strong connection to your intuition, thereby creating the life your heart dreams. Founder of Inner Beauty Retreats. 

Sarah-Jane Perman

Healer of the first light, Womb Wisdom, Embodiment guide. Passionate way shower in the feminine temple arts and sacred space holder.

Zola Dubnikova

Bridging sacred dance, movement medicine, contemporary body science, masterful form, somatic awareness and ritual through her unique approach known as the “Holistic Dance Language.”

Sia Su Heka

International visionary, leader, ceremonialist, and midwife of the Soul. She is immersed in Sacred Dance, Tantra, different modalities of Meditation, Yoga, Shamanism, Jungian Psychology and Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.

Jennifer Ann Fritts

Cacao ceremonialist, sacred space holder of retreats and workshops. Musician, travelpreneur, public speaker and Spiritual Guide.

Jasmeen Hana

Facilitates ISTA and the Egyptian temple arts school as well as blue lotus ceremonies and shamanic journeys. 


Juliet Lippman

Juliet Lippman is a Feminine Leadership Coach, combining neuroscience, and ancient tantric traditions.


Jocelyn Star Feather

Visibility & Thought Leadership coach, Spiritual Alchemist, & founder of Sacred Planet. Shares shamanic wisdom to guide courageous seekers in co-creating a new world.

Celeste Gonzaléz

Priestess, ritualist and women's mentor. Holding transformational retreats and temple spaces that aim to empower you on your path towards more love, eros & leadership. 

Issa van den Berg

Mentor, author, body facilitator and businesswomen. Creator of Live A Legendary Life and founder of Issa Company.



Facilitator of The Temple Training, Lander of Nikkila Temple, Finland. Supporting women, men, and couples to live more fully and awaken as Souls


Ceremonialist, Sacred Spaceholder and creator of Medicine of Love. Path of Mystic Remembrance,
Liberation into primal Truth and Power. 



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"For the She who stands for a new world."


With Love, 

Nicole Costerus

Creator and organizer of the She Who Stands For A New World Global Online Retreat.