You Are Intuition

10 week certification to become a Psychic Practitioner and utilise psychic readings with your (future) clients. 


🔮 Find a deep trust in your intuition
🔮 Transmute your (over-)sensitivity into a deep intuitive gift -> So you stop feeling overwhelmed by the energies and emotions you pick up on.
🔮 Massively deepen and consciously use your Intuitive gifts & psychic senses;
CLAIRVOYANCE (psychic seeing),
CLAIRAUDIENCE (psychic hearing),
CLAIRSENTIENCE (psychic feeling),
CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (psychic knowing),
CLAIRGUSTANCE (psychic tasting),
CLAIRALIENCE (psychic smelling). 
So you can master the language that energy speaks. 
🔮 Learn to give professional psychic readings to your (future) clients.  
🔮 Let go of fear, doubt & overwhelm and anchor into an unshakable confidence in the messages you receive. 
🔮 Learn to give readings with loved ones in spirit. 

🔮 Cultivate a deep connection with the etheric & spirit world and discover a world of unconditional love & support.
🔮 Weave your intuitive gifts into your work as a coach, bodyworker, healer, writer, singer, dancer, soul-based leader or facilitator. So your intuitive potential can truly be of service to the world.  

This is for the highly sensitive woman who knows there lies a deep intuitive gift inside of her.

A gift that wants to be
crystallised and shared fully in her personal & professional life. 


Are you...


❤️ Doubting your own intuition or simply feel it has soo much more potential?
❤️ Do you want to bring more of your intuitive gifts into your profession?
❤️ Can you feel overwhelmed by all the energies & emotions that you pick up on?
❤️ Do you want to be able to offer professional psychic readings to your (future) clients. 
❤️ Can you doubt between what is real intuition & what is fantasy?
❤️ Do you have fear & doubt for the etheric & spirit world?
❤️ Do want to develop your psychic abilities?
❤️ Did your intuition let you down before and do you find it hard to fully embrace it now?
❤️ Were you rejected, ridiculed or shamed for your intuitive gifts and feel it's time to reclaim them?
❤️ Are you worried to say something wrong and therefore not fully express your intuition ,yet you feel there is so much potential in it?
❤️ Do you feel the longing to develop & include your intuitive gifts more in your personal & professional life? 


If you answered any of the above with "YES" then, keep reading because..


This is for you if you...

❤️ Want to stop doubting your intuition and find deep clarity and trust in what you sense.
❤️ Want to leave behind the burden of over- sensitivity and transmute your high sensitivity it into a deep intuitive gift. 
❤️ Feel it's time to become more visible with your intuitive gifts in your life & work.
❤️ Are a coach, body worker, facilitator, creative, soul-based leader or entrepreneur and want to weave your intuitive gifts into your work. 
❤️ Want to cultivate a deep and fearless connection with the etheric & spirit world. 
❤️ Want to massively upgrade, crystallise and consciously use your psychic abilities, psychic readings & mediumship. 

The time has come to...

Let go of fear, doubt  & overwhelm


Open into the magic and wonder of your intuitive gifts.


Am I making this up?

A question I must have asked myself at least a thousand times. 

My name is Nicole Costerus and I started my journey SUPER SCEPTICAL TOWARDS MY OWN INTUITION - I doubted my intuition soooooo much

I was scared for the seen & unseen things I was sensing
As a child I would jump into my bed because I was afraid someone would grab me from underneath the bed. I would feel presences behind me when I was in the bathroom or walking down the street at night. I would wake up sweating with fear in the middle of the night with a sense of spirits beside my bed. 

I felt overwhelmed by all the information that came in
When I would visit a second hand store or a busy place I would feel exhausted from all the energies. I would feel exactly what was going on emotionally with others. 

I thought I was making it all up.
I was so sceptical towards my own intuition. 

I had no idea where to start and how to trust more in the immense sensitivity that lived inside of me.



This is completely different today

In 2012, I went through a deep study and training of 3 years in the English Evidence Based Mediumship modality and have been teaching psychic arts for the last 8 years. 

Today I can say that:

❤️ I'm anchored in a deep trust in my intuitive core. 

❤️ I've supported hundreds of women establishing a deep connection to their intuitive gifts.

❤️ I feel a deep connection with the  the etheric realms & spirit world.

❤️ Through the crystal clear connection with my intuition I now live a deeply aligned & abundant life; location independent with lots of travelling, a deeply fulfilling relationship and a highly aligned multiple 6 figure business.

❤️ I welcomed the spirit world with all it's unconditional love & support into my life.

❤️ I've facilitated countless beautiful people into a connection with their loved ones in spirit & spirit guides. So they could find confirmation, guidance, peace, completion or forgiveness in their relationship with them. 

❤️ I enjoy my high sensitivity as a gift an no longer a burden.

Transmute (over-) sensitivity into a deep intuitive gift, so you no longer feel overwhelmed by the energies & emotions you pick up on. 

And weave your intuitive gifts into your personal & professional life, so your intuitive potential can truly be of service to the world. 




What if all those things that you have experienced in the past as oversensitivity would now become your superpower?

What if you would be so confident in your intuitive gifts that you would live, share and vibrate them into the world, into your calling and into your business?


You will remember that
You don't have Intuition,
You Are Intuition


This program facilitates a space to

Find a deep trust in your intuition

Transmute (over-)sensitivity into a deep intuitive gift, So you stop feeling overwhelmed by the energies and emotions you pick up on.

Weave your intuitive gifts into your personal & professional life

Cultivate a deep connection to the etheric & spirit world

Learn to master the language of energy

Learn to give amazing psychic readings

The 8 types of readings you'll study & practice in this program.

🔮 Energy reading of alive people - psychic reading
🔮 Readings people's energy through photo's & objects - psychometry
🔮 Creating intuitive aura drawings and readings them for your clients - Auragraphs
🔮 Psychic readings with support of oracle & tarot cards.
🔮 Reading animals, children & babies.
🔮 Readings with loved ones in spirit - mediumship readings
🔮 Working & healing with your spirit guide team.
🔮 Communing with plants, trees, crystals & land.

Become a psychic practitioner with this 10 week deep dive into psychic abilities, psychic readings & mediumship. 



Psychic Practitioner Certification Curriculum

Module I - Reading Fundamentals - Relax your being and learn all the basics for giving a good reading

In this module you'll:
- Learn the Fundamentals of your psychic abilities & reading energy.
- Recognise how intuitive information comes into your awareness and turn surprises and overwhelm into consciousness and clarity. 
- Develop your psychic senses; Clairvoyance (psychic seeing),
Clairsentience (psychic sensing),
Clairaudience (psychic hearing),
Claircognizance (psychic knowing),
Clairgustance (psychic tasting),
Clairalience (psychic smelling). 
- Learn to read energy and give a reading to your client.
- Learn to decipher and translate information that your intuition is picking up on, so you can turn this information into a gift for yourself and others. 
- Learn to stop doubting your intuition and anchor yourself in an unwavering trust. 

Module II - Psychic Reading 1 - Transmute oversensitivity into clarity

In this module you'll:
- Learn how to clearly and consciously connect with the energy of your client. 
- Learn to read the energy of your client through a photo or an object.
- Set the right context  & environment for yourself, so you can flow through a reading with joy & ease.
- Discover ways to stop feeling drained and overwhelmed in daily life, sessions, groups and other situations.
- Release any misconceptions about your psychic abilities & discover the gifts.  
- Learn to share with your client what you intuitively sense in them in an ethical, clear and precise way.
- Learn how to work with questions your client has
- Discover the difference between what a client wants and what they need. 
- Learn the things to DO & NOT DO in a reading.

Module III - Psychic Reading 2 - Deepen your psychic senses and cultivate unwavering confidence in your intuition

In this module you'll:
- Learn to Master the language of energy, because energy speaks a language that you can learn to understand and speak.
- Discover the depth of Psychic Readings by reading someone's energy and offer powerful & supportive information to your client. 
- Do energy reading through working with colours in someone's energy and learn the meaning of each colour. 
- Effortlessly feel supportive messages for your client.
- Work with Symbols & Signs in your readings.
- Create Psychic Art (Auragraphs) and use this art as a tool in your readings.
- Learn to work with intuitively with oracle cards as a tool in your readings for clients. 
- Reading someone's Essence, so you can help your client feel who they really are at their core. 

Module IV - Mediumship - Working with the spirit world, releasing your fear and opening into a deep trust

In this module you'll:
- Learn how to go into a deep connection with the Spirit world, loved ones in spirit and spirit guides from you and your client. 
- Discover the power of Mediumship Readings and welcome the spirit world into your Life and work. 
- Shift accidental and spontaneous connections to a more conscious decision & collaboration with the spirits. 
- Discover the difference between Loved ones in spirit, spirit guides and archetypes.
- Find out where the spirits live, if you should let the them rest in peace and what they are doing all day long.
- Learn how souls in spirit communicate with you.
- Discover the truth about reincarnation & "we are all one".
- Learn how to transmute fear of the spirits into excitement, deep connection and love.
- Find out what heavy negative entities and “evil" energies show us and discover the the invitation they hold for us.
- Learn how to make contact with a loved one in spirit for yourself and for a client.
- Meet your spirit guides that are always there to support you. 
- Discover the best energetic protection you can give yourself.

Module V - Shamanic Realms - Connecting with the realms of Nature & Land and experience a deep communion with life

In this module you'll:
- Learn about the etheric realms in nature. 
- Find a deep connection to nature and nature beings. 
- Go into deep communion with plants and minerals.
- Shamanically connect to the land
- Discover the Gatekeepers of the shamanic worlds and move through and beyond them into a world of Magic & Wonder. 
- Develop your intuitive gifts in an embodied way.
- Discover Shamanic land journeying and truly feel the power of the land. 

You will be offered a deep study into the power of your intuitive gifts, psychic abilities & mediumship.


What is mostly in the way between you and the gifts of your intuition is your own scepticism and distrust towards it.

no worries!!

Your intuitive gifts are like a muscle that can be trained and developed. 

Everyone can do this!


Some more about me..

As a child I would come home from school, psychically knowing what we would have for dinner. I could clairvoyantly see and completely describe the house we would move into years later. I've had a crystal clear intuition and a deep connection to the unseen realms since early childhood.

To deepen my gift I've been diving into this work intensively for the past 17 years. I've been trained intensively in the English evidence based mediumship, the feminine mysteries and temple work. 

I've travelled the world receiving deep initiations into the power of intuition amongst which spending a total of 26 days and nights in complete darkness in Mexico, studying with the spirit doctors in the casa of John of God in Brazil and Living in the Amazonian Jungle in dieta with the Yawanawa tribe.

I now offer retreats, online programs, temples, masterminds and 1-1 mentorships into Soul Based leadership and the mysteries of Purpose, Power & Intuition.  

Looking forward to journeying with you. 

Much love, 


What you receive during this training

  • Lifetime access to the content. 
    You receive a login for your online membership area. This will stay your account also after our time together. You can access as much as you like to deepen into the content. 
  • Weekly video transmissions, teachings and guided meditations to dive deep into the world of psychic abilities, psychic readings & mediumship.
    Every week a new module opens with a powerful video transmission and guided meditations to practice with. 

  • Powerful weekly live calls with Nicole & guest teachers to train your psychic abilities, receive support & feedback and Q&A. 
    The weekly 75-90 minute live calls  are a unique opportunity to practice your psychic abilities & mediumship.

    You will be practicing all the teachings with other participants and receive feedback from Nicole & guest teachers on how to improve your reading skills. 

    There is a strong recommendation to be present at as much calls as possible, because the practice is what really trains your psychic abilities.

    Cannot join a live call? no worries. There will be replays of the calls available in the membership area the day after. You can also find yourself a practice buddy in the FB group to catch up on the practices. 

    Livecalls will be held on Tuesday evenings 7:30PM CEST in week 1,3,5,7 and 9. In week 2,4,6,8 and 10 the group will be divided in 2 smaller groups from 7PM-8:15PM and from 8:15PM-21:30PM CEST. 
  • Access to the "You Are Intuition" community space 
    Be part of our online community for all your questions, shares, celebrations, challenges and connection + find a buddy to practice with. 

  • 4 Bonus Trainings
    * An evening with your loved one in spirit
    * Reading energy through a photo in 5 steps -> Psychometry
    * Reading animals, children & babies.
    * Energy healing from and with your spirit guide team. 


The 10 week training starts 11 April 2023 



The price for this 10 week training is




Pay in Full


Pay in full and save €112

I pay in full

Payment Plan

4x €500

4 Monthly payments

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"Years ago Nicole started to develop her mediumship with us and from day 1 "I knew, I saw" that she was born for mediumship. The love she has for both the spirit world as well as her clients is huge. Her passion to serve, always present. "


"Nicole’s intuition and presence is deep as the ocean. She is a powerful yet gentle woman who walks between the worlds, whose eyes shine with the brightness of the sun. Resting under the blanket of her wisdom and kindness, doors of the soul open."


""Nicole is a powerful female leader who wields her feminine intuition in service to the women in her care. I have had the blessing to witness Nicole in many ranges, and she is the real deal. She is fierce & gentle, courageous & humble, teacher & student, curious & wise. She is the leader the world is craving. May her work reach across the globe. Ase and Amen!""


YOU RECEIVE DIRECT ACCESS TO THESE 4 BONUS TRAININGS. 4 self paced trainings to develop yourself in psychic readings and energy healing

Preparation Training I
An Evening with your loved one in Spirit.

A powerful guided ceremony to connect with your loved one in spirit. 

Your loved ones in spirit are close to you and they love to connect. 
This ceremony supports you in finding peace, guidance, confirmation, completion or forgiveness in the relationship with your loved one in spirit. A beautiful way to deepen the connection with your loved one and space to open into a new way of relating together. 


Preparation Training II
Reading someone's energy through a photo or object in 10 steps => Psychometry

In this training I teach you in 10 steps how to read someone's energy through a photo or object. A beautiful and powerful way to discover & practice your reading skills. 

Preparation Training III
Reading Animals, Children & Babies

In this training I teach you how to read the energy of animals, children & babies. You will also learn how to work energetically with them to help them heal and release what they no longer need. 

Preparation Training IV Energy Healing with and from your Spirit Guide Team 

Your Spirit Guide team is always with you and available to support & guide you. They love to be actively included in your Life & work. In this training you'll learn to receive energy healing from them as well as ways to let them offer energy healing in your work with others. 


This training is open for all women who want to connect deeper to the power of their intuition for their personal and/or professional life.

You do not need any experience with psychic readings or mediumship. 

If you feel unsure about your ability to develop your psychic abilities and intuitive gifts -> no worries. In all the years I've worked as a psychic medium, I never met anyone who was unable to develop their intuitive gifts. 


If you identify as other than she/her and you are ok with the meditations and practices having a language with a focus towards women, you are welcome to explore wether this program can be of support for you. Women of Ancient Futures is a company that focuses her work on women, yet doesn't mean to be exclusive of other genders. If you want to explore wether this program is for you, feel free to send an email to [email protected]



In all the years that I am offering this work I never had anyone that could not develop. Sure there are differences in where we are now or where we will develop towards, but we ALL have a deep intuitive nature that we can surrender into. It's simply a natural part of who we are. You are most welcome to come and experience this for yourself. 

Yes, I have been trained for 3 years in evidential mediumship modality. A modality that teaches an incredible precise and powerful way of reading energy. If you are not from this modality then this program can definitely support your development as a psychic or medium. 

If you are from the English evidential mediumship modality and you feel a pull to this program, then please contact me to explore if and how this program can support you. 

There is a strong recommendation to be present at as much calls as possible, because the live calls offer the space to practice with each other. 

If you cannot join a live call, no worries. All live calls will be recorded and the replay will be available in the online academy the next day. 

You can also find yourself a practice buddy in the community space and practice the practices of that week together. 

Our weekly live calls will be around 75-90 minutes.

I recommend to make space for around 3 hours a week for practicing, transmissions and teachings.

You have a lifetime access to the program and can return to the transmissions and practices after our time together.  

You will be granted access to the bonus trainings immediately after signing up. you can find them in your personal online area. 

The rest of the content opens bi-weekly starting on 11 April 2023.

Yes, There is a payment plan option available of 4 monthly payments of €500

At the end of the program there will be a (optional) certification process. This process contains of a practice part and a theory test. When you complete these 2 elements you will receive a certificate for your ability to offer psychic readings. 

The live-calls will be held on Tuesday evenings 7:30PM CEST (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris Time)
Some calls the group will be divided in 2 smaller groups from 7PM-8:15PM and from 8:15PM-21:30PM

Yes, there will be maximum 32 women in this program. The uneven weeks (week 1,3,5,7 and 9) we will be in the calls with the big group. The even weeks (week 2,4,6,8 and 10) we will be in 2 smaller groups, so there's enough space for personal feedback on your readings. 

I would be happy to talk with you. Please send an email to: [email protected]


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