Welcome dear, this retreat is for the conscious entrepreneurs, the soul-based leaders, creatives, healers, bodyworkers, ritualists, coaches and other amazing souls who are here to make a change.


This is a week for the daring woman who wants to take a stand for the world she wants to live in.

Unwind survival mode, find safety in your body and cultivate an unwavering Trust.

Descend into the depths of your root and discover the power of softness & vulnerability

Awaken your Primal Power, let it source your Leadership and take a stand for the new world.

Embody the core of your Essence.

Return to your highly and deeply intuitive self.

Connect & co-create Magic with your sister changemakers.

What women are saying about this retreat

Tess van der Putten

“I feel that every woman in this retreat really got to the core of what she wished for.” 

Shanna Bercy

“I experienced the deepest connection to the Divine Feminine that I ever have. From not just this light, but down to the dark and the integration of both.”

Ankie de Wert

“Nicole is really good in guiding you into your own Power”

8 days to embody your essence so deeply that your vibration naturally teaches & assists others.


This is a unique opportunity to come to a place of deep union between the dark and the light, between the masculine and the feminine, between birth and death.

So you, together with your fellow change-makers, pioneers and revolutionaries can set the vibration of the new world. Simply by being you, by radiating your Essence and soul shine into the world.

The intention for this retreat is to bring an inner union between the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine. Opening in the ability to descend deep into darkness, into your root, matter, the density of this human body. And open high into the light, your multidimensional being,  the subtle realms of consciousness & spirit. 
Feel safe in the density of your body -> the dark
When the root is feeling unsafe, when your lower chakra’s are contracted or hiding, afraid to live or to die, ashamed and insecure, all the other chakra's cannot fully blossom and lean on a solid foundation. This retreat allows a space for a solid foundation to root into your body and being. A shift from power from a place of separation into a primal power in full communion with Life. A stability, a sense of belonging, a deep safety in Love. When you feel safe you can truly allow in the fullness of Life. 
Open into our multidimensional nature -> the light
 When you trust in that which you cannot see and be in the flow of your intuition & inner guidance, your deepest calling can come alive. Your upper chakra's can open, have overview and see the higher wisdom of things. In this retreat you 
tap into infinite Intelligence, you tune in to what's already clear in the field and in you. 
Connecting to consciousness, to your intuitive abilities and the unconditional love of the spirit world. Waking up in your Light and moving through life with a crystal clear intuition. Sensing instead of thinking, trusting instead of doubting. 
Unify in the heart of Love
When you unify the dark & the light in your own body, you will naturally allow the fullness of your Soul to come through. This is what is also known as: Soul Based Leadership - Embodying your unique Essence so deeply, you naturally inspire, assist and support others. You become a walking transmission. 
This retreat offers a space to travel between densities, between worlds, between realities, to come to a place of deep union between the dark and the light, between the masculine and the feminine, between birth and death, living resistance-free from a place of deep love in our heart. 
“I experienced the deepest connection to the Divine Feminine that I ever have. From not just this light, but down to the dark and the integration of both.”
- Shanna Bercy

 "You have all the codes already in your body, the codes to land your Soul into Matter and live your Greatest Potential. This is the medicine the world needs right now."  

A glimpse into our progam...

Archetypal Temples

You will journey through the Dark Feminine, the Light Feminine, the Dark Masculine and the Light Masculine. 4 archetypes that live inside all of us. Through getting to know their gifts and their shadows, you integrate them within and this supports your soul to come through more stable. 

Psychic & Shamanic Arts

You open into sensing the world shamanically. Waking up in the power of your intuition, the power of prayer, intention, devotion, light language, earth energies, the unconditional love of the spirit world and deeply being of service to a higher wisdom. 

Traditional Yawanawa ceremonies

You experience the power of Yawanawa people with Hukena Yuveka Yawanawa & Nawa Ema Yuveka. Together they will offer 2 traditional Ceremonies during the retreat. Hukena grew up in the Amazonian jungle and was raised by Hushahu, the first female shaman of the Yawanawa tribe.  

Earth Dance

Root your body and connect with earth, joy & sensuality with an earth dance. 

Ritual & Ceremony

Dive into the realms of mysticism, ritual and ceremony. 


Sacred Circle

Liberate yourself through your body in the sacred space of circle. This is not your regular talking circle. It's a welcoming of who you are at your core and deep embodied & energetic work. 



07:30 Morning practice
8:30 Breakfast
10:00 Morning temple
13:00 Lunch
16:00 Afternoon temple
19:00 Dinner
20:30 Evening ceremony

This is an example schedule, changes might be made along the way.

Welcome to The Hidden Paradise


Hidden Paradise in Southern Spain

Hidden Paradise is a family run retreat centre nestled in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountain range. The centre offers an amazing oasis of peace with stunning views all over.

The family in Hidden Paradise loves the earth. All this is powered completely off grid, a gift from the abundant southern Spanish sunshine.
Hidden Paradise has substantial solar systems supplying all our electricity & hot water.  
An abundance of sun & spring water enables them to offer you a luxuriously comfortable stay, with little effect on our glorious planet.


The centre offers shared & single occupancy bedrooms in various dwellings built using locally sourced materials, built in traditional Alpujarran style, tree houses and fully furnished tipis for total comfort and closeness to nature.

The stone buildings also have comfortable communal spaces with fully working kitchens.
Wifi internet connection is available in the main house, next to the dining area.




Organic Nourishing Delicious Food from the Land

Our experienced chefs take pride in creating delicious, healthy meals using home-grown and where possible organic and always locally-sourced ingredients, to prepare nutritious, vegan and vegetarian dishes.

We are happy to accommodate the needs of guests with allergies to particular foods and often prepare gluten and dairy free meals - all served with love!
Please let us know if you have any special needs, so that our chefs can take care of you.

Being together in beautiful natural temple spaces


Oee YES!

Let the cleansing power of water support you in the refreshing pools


Feel the powerful land and enjoy the stunning views while relaxing in the sun


Put yourself on the altar of something greater and say: "Sing through me, dance through me." This is the kiss you've been waiting for.

- Bruce Lyon -

Your Facilitators

Nicole Nyima Costerus (NL)

Founder of Women of Ancient Futures, Creator of Women Who Walk Between the Worlds

Nicole is a midwife of the soul, keeper of the psychic, mediumistic and shamanic arts, leadership mentor and a lover of Life.

Her purpose is to support women in  accessing primal power, opening into crystal clear intuition, cultivating deep transformation and becoming a clear channel of the Mystery. 

For the past 18 years her life has become a prayer and a deep dive. She has been journeying through mysteries of the feminine & masculine, mediumship, dark retreats, temple trainings, medicine work, emotional freedom, empowerment, authentic relating and tantra.

Currently she lives in Amsterdam with her partner and loves to travel the world while living her purpose to the max. 

“Our natural state is highly and deeply intuitive. Our natural being fully in communion with Life. Beyond the veil mystery awaits us. I warmly welcome you into this powerful and deep transformational experience.
Love, Nicole”


Hukena Yuveka Yawanawa & Nawa Ema Yuveka (Brazil)

Hukena Yuveka Yawanawa (left in picture), daughter of Hushahu Yawanawa has been initiated in the shamanic knowledge from a very young age. As a young woman she followed her mothers footsteps into the knowledge of her ancestors and her tribe traditions.

Hukena's mother, Hushahu is the first female shaman and female spiritual leader of the tribe after a long history of only male shamans. Hushahu brought a female revolution into the tribe. This is why women's work is so powerfully rooted in their offerings. They have opened possibilities for women that have seemed impossible for many years. 

Hukena has been travelling across Brazil and Europe leading women healing circles and spiritual ceremonies. 

Hukena embodies the union of Power and Gentleness in a unique way. She has the profound ability to hold a powerful and safe space in sacred ceremonies and does so with her "all the way from the core of the earth voice and guitar".

The chants from the Yawanawa people hold a strong force of transformation and liberation. They are known as priests of the voice for a really good reason :-) 

Nawa Ema Yuveka (right in picture), accompanies Hukena at every ceremony. She studied with Hushahu and was trained by Hukena. Nawa Ema her work carries its own force and wisdom, the strength of the Umbanda tradition, which follows the line from her father, the main Pagesanto. Nawa Ema has the gift of beautiful space holding, joyful and powerful dancing and amazing singing.

Mystery An'Ahรก (DE)

Mystery is a medicine woman, curandera, ceremony musician, keeper of the mystic arts and priestess of love. She holds medicine initiation journeys dedicated to liberation into love, truth, the Divine and deep rooted personal power. Her work is a unique fusion of South American shamanism, ritualistic portals, somatic temples, celestial transmissions and inviting deep remembrance beyond the veils.

"May the temple of your soul reveal the deep secrets of existence. There is light in the darkness and blessings in your pain, your love is medicine and your light a gift. I invite all of you to be seen, beloved sister!"

Find a deep connection with your sisters, priestesses, pioneers and revolutionaries


Practical information

16-23 June 2023

Orgiva, Spain
Closest airports: Malaga & Granada
(Exact address will be given after registration.)

Arrival between 1 and 3pm on the 16th is recommended.
Retreat starts 16 June at 5PM CEST.

This retreat is a unique blend of a variety of powerful ancient & modern work that has been deeply transformative to many. 

We work with a professional international team with decades of experience in facilitating transformational space. 

Price Retreat Ticket 

Early Bird Price until 1 May 2023

Super Early Bird Price until 21 March 2023
4x €577 

These prices are including 21% TAX
and excluding food & accommodation โ˜๐Ÿฝ

Book the retreat as business costs for your company
You can request an invoice for leadership training and
book this retreat as business costs for your company.



Price for the Food & shared Accommodation 
 8 days & 7 nights shared accommodation
+ 3 organic vegan (with vegetarian options) meals a day
and tea & fruit available all day. 
(€70 p.p.p.night)

Single Room
There are a limited amount of single rooms available for a
1 time additional cost of €150. 


Integration day as part of the program
22 June is an integration & relaxation day.
You will check out after breakfast at 10AM on the 23 June 2023. 

Not included in these prices
Flights and transport to the retreat center.
(We will set up transport from the airport to the retreat center and organise shared taxi's or a bus.)


Access the Mystery beyond the veils together with an amazing community of conscious entrepreneurs, soul based leaders, healers, creatives, ritualists, bodyworkers & coaches



Imagine yourself leaving this retreat with

Raw primal life force from the center of the earth into the center of your being, no separation, fully merged. You feel the mountains hum, the trees speak and the flowers sing.
Deeply rooted, connected, fulfilled, alive and in the flow.
Experiencing your primal power and a deep intimacy with the power of your intuition & clarity.
A deep communion with the intelligence of life. Fine-tuned in how you perceive the worlds inside and around you. As well as deeply rested as Love. Unafraid & courageous, you just Know and you are ready to face many unknowns because you are now grounded in your calling and comfortable with the dynamics of death and birth inside yourself and your life. 
Blindfolded with full trust, you now walk your path as a warrior of the divine. Awake in your Soul's vibration that naturally supports others in waking up in theirs. You are ready to bring your Soul's Radiance in service to the birth of a new earth. 

Grateful that you trusted the calling, the pull, the whisper that guided you to this event in the first place. 
Aho, Ase, Amen

In deep communion with your deepest Dark

And your brightest Light



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