The Sacred Arts of Intuition


A weekend temple into the depths of your intuitive nature

Access a deep trust in your intuitive abilities

When we connect with our psychic, mediumistic and shamanic abilities,  doubt can have us feel like we are making it up. This weekend temple helps you to release yourself from your own scepticism and open into a deeper trust in what you see, feel, hear and know. 

Find safety in your body

Through a deep unwinding of contractions, fears and doubts we open the space of feeling safe in the body. When we feel safe, we can sink deeper into our body and into the truth of who we are. 

Unhide yourself

When we feel safe we can truly allow the fullness of Life in. This core safety will provide a sense of stability and belonging and will naturally unhide the core qualities of your soul shine.

Descent into your primal power

This weekend allows a space for a solid foundation to root into your body and being. To open into a deep primal power that has you roar and rise. A core confidence and power that has you hold your ground in what you stand for and believe in. 

Unlock the codes of wisdom inside

We only use a very small percentage of the deep well of potential that our intuitive nature holds. In this weekend you will dive into that well, remembering the wisdom and potential that is already within you. 

All of you is welcome

Experience a space in which all of you is welcome. A space that holds you with love and safety. A space of deep devotion to spirit, love and life. You don't have to do it alone! We are in this together.

 You are highly & Deeply intuitive

Yes I'm feeling it

About the weekend temple

The weekend temple provides a space to remember, activate and embody your highly and deeply intuitive nature.

Together we go into a deep prayer that holds a shamanic, erotic and psychic undercurrent. Here are some flavours that will weave themselves in;


- Access your primal power
- Descent into the dark of the earth
- Ground into your root and pelvic bone
- Open your sensitivity in a grounded way
- Deepen connection to the kingdoms of the plants, animals, minerals and 
- Experience your own soul, the soul of a space, the group soul and the soul of the world. 


- Open the aliveness & receptivity of your body through breath, sound and movement. 
- Activate your life-force 
- Connect to the erotic current of your body
- Experience the innocence of your sexual energy
- Release shame and suppression 


- Open your Psychic & Mediumistic abilities
- Develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience
- Practicing psychic reading
- Communicate with loved ones in spirit
- Feel the unconditional support of your spirit guides
- Experience the power of prayer and light language 

Welcome to a deep prayer into crystal clear intuition, ancient wisdom and primal power


Yes I'm ready!

About Nicole Costerus

Nicole holds a deep connection to the unseen realms and has a crystal clear intuition since early childhood. To deepen her gift she has been trained intensively in the English evidence based mediumship, the feminine mysteries and temple work. She has travelled the world receiving deep initiations into the power of our intuitive nature amongst which spending 12 days and nights in complete darkness and studying in the Amazonian Jungle with the Yawanawa tribe. She now offers retreats, online programs, temples and 1-1 mentorships to land your soul deeper into your body and remember your natural intuitive abilities.

Soraia Rodrigues, NL

It feels like a new beginning. I’m pretty sure that I will look back 1 year from now and feel “That’s where it started”. I am very clear with the willingness to walk my path.

Shannon Handa, USA

Founder of Shannon Handa Yoga

"This was a really powerful way to soften into my feminine and really ground into my power. I experience Nicole as a very powerful woman. The way she steps into herself and into her power is very inspiring to me. It gives me and the other women the permission to step into our power as well. This is really the beauty of the work; everybody is free to live their truth, to really live who they are. Thank you so much I will always hold this with me."

Annette Fehse, NL

Founder of Movimiento Training & Coaching

For me its really important to experience sisterhood in a safe space. And here I really did. The vulnerability and rawness went straight into my heart.

Practical information

 Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 December 2020

11:00 - 18:00

Mahara Holistic Lifestyle

€297,- including 2 full temple days, 2 vegan gluten-free lunches, tea & water

Maximum 13 women will join this weekend so you have lots of individual guidance. 

If regulations do not allow for this event to happen a new date will be scheduled in the new year.  


You don't have intuition, You ARE Intuition

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