Temple of death

Pry away the structures that have imprisoned your wilderness and leave behind all that no longer serves you

This is a 4 week journey into the dark mysteries to

Surrender your fear & control
Live a life greater than you and
Return to your dark core


The only thing we know for certain in this life is that we will die. Unfortunately death is not on the invite list to our life party. Our civilisation mostly avoids, denies and deflects death through a neurotic obsession with control and the need for ‘safety’. We engage any means to harness predictability, stability and certainty and when this fails we consume like hungry caterpillars, eating, shopping, purchasing and acquiring away our anxieties.

What sits underneath this collective scrambling for ‘life assurance’ is the deep fear of the unknown, of change and a naïve hope that someone on this spinning globe has a ‘grasp on things’. 

Life is inviting us to give all fear and control back to life. There is something deeper that wants to emerge, something darker. We welcome you into a 4 week journey into the dark mysteries. 

When you surrender to death, you show up for the Life that lives inside of you. 

About the Temple

The Temple of Death is an invitation to uncover any decay that clings to your life, to pry away the structures that have imprisoned your wilderness and to turn towards fears you hold with a steady eye. This is not a self improvement course or self development purchase to add to the life you have crafted.

The Temple Of Death is going to ask you to leave behind all that no longer serves you. To tear down everything you think you are and have acquired and give it back to the dark. You are called into your nothingness, which lives inside the deep core of your being. From this dark core you can enter the mystery and shift from moving through life to being moved through life by a deeper intelligence. 


The temple facilitates a space to

Let go of your fear and control

Become familiar with the dynamics of death. Learn to live in the unknown and embrace change.

Live a life greater than you

You are invited to live a life that puts the mystery at the center. 

Return to your dark core

Anchor into a new self. One that is sourced from a deeper intelligence. One that is sourced from the dark. 

Who are you when you are released from fears and attachments?


The Gates

Each week we journey into a new gate.

Gate I The Base

We go deep into our roots, our bodies and our primal nature. How can you truly feel safe on this planet and in your body?

Gate II The Heart

We explore our attachments to relationships and love. How can you give and receive love from your deep core?

Gate III The Mind

We release the mental structures of fear and control. Who are you beneath your formed identity?

Gate IV The Mystery

Come with us into the dark

You would know the secret of Death. But how shall you find it, unless you seek it in the heart of Life.

 - Kahlil Gibran


Your facilitators

We are here to take you on a journey through the gates of death. Our civilisation is meeting death. The identity we've been holding of ourselves is dying. A deeper darker truth wants to emerge and can only emerge when we surrender to death and leave behind anything that no longer serves us.

Winter Jade Icely, AU

Winter is a witch, mystic and wild embodier having discovered her magic as a child she immersed herself in ritual and enchantment. Winter holds a powerful connection to the unseen realms. She has facilitated sacred spaces for the past six years with expertise in the realm of the mystical arts, sexuality and dark embodiment. Winter’s work penetrates ideas of gender and sexuality and the spaces she creates are beyond constructs of duality, of him and her, heterosexual and homosexual to the deeper realms of soul, the singularity that connects us all. Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor and currently offers empowerment coaching sessions to clients working with issues related to sexuality, intimacy and anchoring the soul into consciousness. 

Nicole Costerus, NL

Nicole Costerus is a Soul leader, A keeper of the psychic, mediumistic & shamanic arts, midwife of the soul and lover of life. For the past 16 years she has been diving deep into empowerment, sacred temple arts, shamanism, mediumship, darkness retreats & feminine mysteries. Nicole has a crystal clear intuition since early childhood and now offers a space that inspires living from your Soul: Deeply rooted, multidimensionally opened and unified in your raw heart of love: Opening into crystal clear intuition, finding safety in your body, accessing your primal power and re-balancing your dark & light. "

Sia Hu Heka, NZ

Sia Hu Heka is an international visionary, leader, ceremonialist, and midwife of the Soul. Her life is devoted to the Glory of Planetary Evolution. From an early age, her passion for the secret and forbidden has motivated her to explore sexuality, shamanism, and magic. For the past ten years, Sia has been working on her inner transformation through extensive training in conscious sexuality, emotional freedom, esoteric teachings, mysticism, and spaces of soul initiation. Her life has become an exploration of openness, clarity, love, and surrender. Sia provides magical spaces to support individuals to connect to their instinctual wisdom. These sacred spaces allow the recognition, love, and integration of forgotten and repressed aspects of their being. Her work is a vibrational journey through different realities with the use of music, her voice, movement, ritual, and tantric practices. 

This is a prayer into a deep shedding so what remains is your pure dark core.



We start our journey on the Lunar eclipse of 5 July 2020

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon is full and the earth blocks the suns rays from reaching the moon, thus the moon is cast within the earth's shadow. 

A Lunar eclipse is a time to release anything that might be holding you back. It's a time to go within and allow yourself to reflect in the dark of your own heart, mind and soul. It's about going to the darkest depths of your waters and clearing through all that no longer serves you.


What you receive during this temple

  • Lifetime access to the temple of death content. 
    You receive a login for your online membership area. This will stay your account also after our time together in the temple of death. You can access as much as you like to deepen the content we share and the journey we go through. 
  • A powerful live online opening temple + transmission each Sunday on Zoom 
    We open into the new gate in an online temple and a powerful transmission. This allows your being to really soak in the new energy of the week. You cannot join a temple? no worries. There will be a replay of the temple available in the membership area the day after. 
  • Guided audio & video practices, meditations & rituals
    We offer practices in the online membership area to embody the teachings and deeply re-wire your way of being in yourself and your life. 
  • Weekly self reflection tools
    That will provide a space for deep listening, self inquiry and inner transformation. 
  • Access to the Temple of Death FB group 
    Be part of our online community for all your questions, sharings, celebrations, challenges and connection time with the other participants. 

"Isn’t it funny how the parts of ourselves that most frighten us are, ultimately, the most empowering? Winter's work is not the pretty, quaint, rose-quartz gathering; rather a wild, unapologetic, black obsidian powerhouse that will give you the opportunity to reclaim the power we’re so often told to hide. "


"When you join a Temple with Sia, you make the choice to shift your experience of the life you live into a more sacred one, to heal your wounds, to shed your skin and to take of your masks, to express and to release your emotions in a safe and powerful way, you will feel so free afterwards!"


"Nicole’s intuition and presence is deep as the ocean. She is a powerful yet gentle woman who walks between the worlds, whose eyes shine with the brightness of the sun. Resting under the blanket of her wisdom and kindness, doors of the soul open."


This beautiful offering was initiated as a response to the current global crisis during the collective pause.  

This work is deeply meaningful to us and our own journey into death has been hugely transformative. 

We have therefore priced this online offering to be inclusive of all people. 


Registration is closed. This program is fully booked.










This temple is open for all genders orientations and humans a like. 

If you hold any form of fear or control this temple is for you.

The Temple of Death is a gentle space that holds you with love and care. A space that "massages" the places in you that are clinging or holding, so your being can unwind and shed the jackets that are not yours to wear anymore.

All live temples will be recorded and the replay will be available in the online academy the next day. 

The live calls for this temple will be on Sundays at 10AM CET, 6PM AEST, 8PM NZST

Our opening temple will be around 75 minutes each Sunday at 10AM CET -> 5-7, 12-7, 19-7, 25-7

For the guided practices, meditations and rituals you can spend as much time as you want, this is really up to you. 

If you decide to go through all the practices we offer each week it will take you around 2 hours per week, divided in blocks of +/- 30 minutes. 

You have a lifetime access to the program and can return to the practices after our time together. 

The practices are easy to weave into your daily routine, morning practice or evening unwind time.  

The weekly live calls are on Sundays 5-7, 12-7, 19-7, 26-7 at


If you cannot be present at a live call, no worries, there will be recordings available afterwards.

You will be granted access to the online membership area on July 1. Here you will receive a preparation video and a few (optional) transmissions to prepare yourself for our opening temple on 5 July.

Yes, You can reach out at nicole@womenofancientfutures.com and we will create a plan together. 

We would be happy to talk to you. Email us at: nicole@womenofancientfutures.com


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