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5 Secrets to Trusting Your Intuitive Gifts & Psychic Abilities

A Free masterclass to shift from

"Am I making this up?"

Into a Deep Trust in Your Intuitive Gifts & Psychic Abilities. 

What you'll learn:
🔮 1 powerful way to STOP DOUBTING and open the channel of your intuition.

🔮 2 surprisingly simple things you need in order to deepen your connection to the spirit world.
🔮 The 3 mistakes even conscious people make when it comes to their psychic abilities. 

🔮 How to recognise, deepen and consciously use your psychic senses; CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRAUDIENCE, CLAIRSENTIENCE. 
🔮 How to clearly and without fear connect with LOVED ONES IN SPIRIT & SPIRIT GUIDES.
🔮 How to use your intuitive gifts in your work as a coach, bodyworker, healer, singer, dancer or facilitator.
🔮 How to transmute (over-) sensitivity into a deep intuitive gift, so you stop feeling unclear or overwhelmed by the emotions & energies you pick up on. 

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Tuesday 28 March 2023 at 7:30PM CEST

Am I making this up?

A question I must have asked myself at least a thousand times. 

My name is Nicole Costerus and I started my journey SUPER SCEPTICAL TOWARDS MY OWN INTUITION - I doubted my intuition soooooo much

I was scared for the seen & unseen things I was sensing
As a child I would jump into my bed because I was afraid someone would grab me from underneath the bed. I would feel presences behind me when I was in the bathroom or walking down the street at night. I would wake up sweating with fear in the middle of the night with a sense of spirits beside my bed. 

I felt overwhelmed by all the information that came in
When I would visit a second hand store or a busy place I would feel exhausted from all the energies. I would feel exactly what was going on emotionally with others. 

I thought I was making it all up.
I was so sceptical towards my own intuition. 

I had no idea where to start and how to trust more in the immense sensitivity that lived inside of me.


This is completely different today

Do I never doubt my intuition anymore? 
Yes, I can still doubt it in moments.
I feel the surrender into our intuitive nature is an endless deepening.

I can also say that:

❤️ I'm anchored in a deep trust in my intuitive core. 

❤️ I've supported thousands of women establishing a deep connection to their intuitive gifts.

❤️ I feel a deep connection with the  the unseen and subtle realms

❤️ Through the crystal clear connection with my intuition I now live a deeply aligned & abundant life; location independent with lots of travelling, a deeply fulfilling relationship and a highly aligned multiple 6 figure soul-business.

❤️ I welcomed the spirit world with all it's unconditional love & support into my life.

❤️ I've facilitated countless beautiful people in connecting to their loved ones in spirit & spirit guides and find confirmation, guidance, peace, completion or forgiveness in their relationship with them. 

❤️ I enjoy my sensitivity as a gift an no longer a burden.

This Masterclass birthed itself from the gems I found on my way and can save you years of struggling with your intuitive gifts.

You will be offered simple yet powerful ways on how to cultivate a deeper trust in your intuitive gifts and psychic abilities


What is mostly in the way between us and the gifts of our intuition is our own scepticism and distrust to it.

This master class facilitates a space for you to;

🔮 Find a deeper trust in your intuitive gifts.
🔮 Transmute (over-) sensitivity into a deep intuitive gift.
🔮 Experience less fear, doubt and overwhelm towards what you sense and discover an unwavering trust in the messages that come to you.
🔮 Allow a deeper communion with the etheric & spirit world.
🔮 Weave the gifts of your intuition into your personal life and profession.


"You don't have intuition,
You Are Intuition." 

Some more about me..

As a child I would come home from school, psychically knowing what we would have for dinner. I could clairvoyantly see and completely describe the house we would move into years later. I've had a crystal clear intuition and a deep connection to the unseen realms since early childhood.

To deepen my gift I've been diving into this work intensively for the past 18 years. I've been trained intensively in the English evidence based mediumship, the feminine mysteries and temple work. I've travelled the world receiving deep initiations into the power of our intuitive nature amongst which spending a total of 26 days and nights in complete darkness in Mexico, studying with the spirit doctors in the casa of John of God in Brazil and Living in the Amazonian Jungle in dieta with the Yawanawa tribe.

I now support women in their Soul based leadership & business and the mysteries of Purpose, Power & Intuition.

Looking forward to journeying with you. 

Much love, 

Nicole Nyima

Come and experience your
highly and deeply intuitive nature
and open into the
magic and wonder of your intuitive gifts. 


Free Masterclass

5 secrets to trusting your intuitive gifts & psychic abilities

Learn how to stop wondering if you are making things up and start embracing the gift of your highly & deeply intuitive self

Tuesday 28 March 2023 at 7:30PM CEST

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