Awakening Intuition for Women


Awaken your ancient wisdom

“Ancient priestess awaken inside. See beyond eyes & know beyond mind. Walk between worlds & shapeshift through times. Remember wisdom in bones and honour Mother Divine. Moon wax & moon wane Shake everything loose and soul remains Awaken Ancient Woman now it’s the time to Powerfully Open, Rise & Shine”

About this course

You are welcomed into a deep awakening of your intuition and remembrance of the wisdom inside.

Together we enter a space to connect to your natural intuitive abilities.

A space for you to connect to your ancient priestess inside.
A space in which scepticism, insecurity and fear will transform to trust, surrender and expansion.
A deep journey in which we dive into intuitive awakening, instinctive being and next level sensing.


Each day has elements of reading, authentic relating & feminine practices.

During this weekend we will work with elements of

Opening your psychic abilities,

Creating deep and fulfilling connections with others,

Sharing yourself fully,

Connecting to the power of your intuition and inner guidance,

Opening into your feminine essence & flow

 Acces the power of manifestation

Let your Feminine Intuition Awaken and Your Ancient Priestess come alive.


Morning day 1 Energy clearing

This morning we dive into your sensitivity to energy and emotions of others and in spaces you are in.
We go through a set of practices that allows you to clear your own energy and that of spaces.
And practices to bring your inner world into expression to keep it clear and clean.

Afternoon day 1 Connecting with the spirit world

This afternoon we open into the power of our psychic abilities. We tap into our clairvoyance, clairscentience and clairaudience and learn how to translate the information that comes to us.
We connect with the spirit world to meet our spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. To feel their unconditional love and support and share our hearts with them.

Morning of day 2 The voice of the yoni

During this morning we bring our awareness into our female body.
We explore how different parts of ourself are feeling and open to the messages they have for us.
We explore topics like sacred sexuality and conscious intmacy and we close this day with a beautiful yoni steam ritual.

Afternoon day 2 Manifesting your dream life

This afternoon you tap into the power of your inner guidance.
You receive ways to connect to your inner guidance, your higher self is giving you in each moment.
We open into your vision of your dream life and how to weave that into your reality.

A shift from thinking your way through life to sensing your way through Life.


About Nicole

Nicole has had a crystal clear intuition since early childhood. To deepen her gift she has been trained intensively in the English evidence based mediumship. She devoted herself to the feminine mysteries and has travelled the world receiving deep initiations into spirit work amongst which spending 12 days and nights in complete darkness and studying in the Amazonian Jungle with the Yawanawa tribe. She now offers women's retreats, 1-1 readings, group demonstrations mediumship and weekend trainings to stand up for who you are and why you are here. To land your soul deeper into your body and remember your natural intuitive abilities.

Annabella Lestuny, NL

I am grateful that I was participating in this course and I love Nicole her work. She is her work! The last day I couldn’t describe in words what the course gave me. There were tears coming down face. Thank you beautiful sisters for the circle. Thank you Nicole for being you.

Gosia Pliszczynska, NL

For me it was a big confirmation about who I am. I trust so much more in myself.

Annemieke Spits, NL

This course is really a beautiful gift to yourself! I loved the loving and safe surrounding of the yurt and the way Nicole perfectly feels what’s fits in the moment. It’s a gentle and fun way to discover the magic that’s already there inside of you.

Practical information

5 & 6 September 2020

10:00 - 17:00

Mahara Holistic Lifestyle, Amsterdam

€247,- including 2 full event days, tea & water

Vegan & glutenfree lunch for 2 days

Maximum 10 women will join this weekend so you have lots of individual guidance. 

 This weekend is fully booked!!


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